The 5 Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves


Searching for boots that fit wider calves can be quite challenging — so it goes without saying that finding the best rain boots for wide calves is a whole other issue in itself. Because of their rubber construction, rain boots tend to have less stretch and maneuverability than traditional leather or fabric boots, making it even more important to find a proper fit. That's why it's important to know what to look for when you shop.

Much like regular boots, wide-calf rain boots tend to run the gamut when it comes to styles and heights. The key feature in terms of fit, of course, comes down to the circumference of the boot's top opening and shaft. In general, you'll want a boot that measures somewhere between 15 to 19 inches in circumference, depending on your calf size and comfort level. Although they are not as easily accessible, there are many companies that even offer an opening of up to 24 inches. The addition of adjustable straps and gussets can also prove to make things easier when it comes to rain boots for wide calves. Boots with straps, buckles, gussets, or any combination of the three, will help you get in and out of your boots with less effort. So it may be beneficial to keep these things in mind when selecting your next pair of galoshes.

Once you come across a pair that will fit your legs with ease, you may then want to delve into other comfy specs for your boots, such as memory foam insoles and polyester lining, which will help keep feet cozy, warm, and dry on a rainy day.

All-in-all, finding the best rain boots for wide calves that meet at the intersection of comfort, functionality, and style is key. And with this list, you're sure to find exactly what you've been searching for.