These No-Slip Hangers Will Make Your Closet Organized AF

An organized closet is the easiest way to keep track of the items in your wardrobe while allowing even more garments to fit into a tiny space. However, keeping your clothes neatly arranged can be a daunting task, which is where the best velvet hangers come into play.

Slimmed down velvet hangers take up less space in your closet and are even more durable than standard plastic or wire hangers. Typically made with a plastic interior, velvet hangers feature a non-slip coating that stops clothes from falling off, preventing the dreaded pool of delicate blouses that seem destined to end up on your closet floor. Other benefits of velvet hangers include preventing unwanted creases or wrinkles in your clothes and a convenient lightweight design. Clean looking and minimalist, velvet hangers are also a great option for the current clothes rack trend dominating bedroom decor.

I actually remember the first time my mom brought home a box of velvet hangers in middle school. Within three months, she had completely banned plastic hangers from our house and instilled in me a love of the velvet variation that still remains today. Not only are the they incredibly functional, but there's no denying that they look great.

Of course, like any cult product, there are tons of different variations you can buy. So if you want to keep your closet organized, or simply recognize it's time for an upgrade, here are the five best velvet hangers on the market.


Velvet Hangers With Detachable Clips For Pants Or Skirts

Finnhomy Heavy Duty Velvet Hangers, $25 (50 Pack), Amazon

Finnhomy's ultra-slim velvet hangers are made from high-grade plastic that can hold up to 10 pounds each. The soft velvet prevents clothes from slipping, while a 360-degree swivel hook gives you added flexibility, and the set also comes with 10 finger clips to attach pants, skirts, blankets, scarves, or even socks. A contoured shoulder design also allows your clothes to keep their shape without any unwanted wrinkles or bumps.


Cascading Velvet Hangers That Let You Maximize Tiny Spaces

Ollieroo Cascading Velvet Hangers, $24 (50 Pack), Amazon

Each of these heavy duty hangers can hold up to 11 pounds, thanks to an ABS plastic interior designed for heavy garments like winter coats. They also feature notched shoulders and are coated in an anti-slip velvet surface that's gentle on clothes and prevents creasing. Unlike other hangers, Ollieroo's are designed with a cascading hook that increases your closet's space by letting multiple garments hang, so they're a great option for people who are short on storage space.


Velvet Hangers With Metal Clips To Hang Entire Outfits Together

Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers, $20 (12 Pack), Amazon

Utopia's velvet hangers have a notched design for tops and also come with a strong metal hook that can hold pants or skirts, so you can hang full outfits together. They're made from a sturdy ABS material that can hold up to 10 pounds each with a non-slip velvet coating. Available in black, gray, ivory, or pink, they're designed with 360-degree swivel hooks and have a polished chrome finish.


Velvet Hangers With An Accessories Bar For Keeping Track Of Belts Or Scarves

Juvale Velvet Hangers With Accessory Bars, $24 (50 Pack), Amazon

Keep everything organized — including your favorite accessories — with Juvale's velvet hangers. They have a small bar on top to hang belts, scarves, and small purses, or thing-strapped items like camisoles. They also feature a 360-degree swivel hook and notched shoulders, and are made of durable metal. Choose between seven shades, including bright pink and teal.


Velvet Hangers With Almost 1,500 Reviews On Amazon

ZOBER Premium Velvet Hangers, $23 (50 Pack), Amazon

ZOBER's velvet hangers are an Amazon best-seller, with almost 1,500 positive reviews. The slim black velvet hangers include the standard features — notched shoulders, a 360-degree swivel hook, and a holding weight of 10 pounds. However, their nearly perfect five-star rating proves these hangers are both durable and high-quality, despite the budget price. Reviewers state that, unlike many other version, they don't bend, and the velvet material doesn't rub off on your clothes.

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