The 52 Scariest Documentaries On Netflix

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There's a lot to be scared of in the world. People are raped, murdered, and assaulted every day. There have been atrocities committed on a global scale throughout history that can never be atoned for. There are war crimes being committed constantly, the environment is actively being destroyed, and police corruption leads to the imprisoning of innocent people far too often. So how can one cope with all there is to fear? By knowing what's out there, and one of the best way to do that is by watching the scariest documentaries on Netflix.

The streaming service has hundreds of documentaries, and not all of them will scare the pants off of you — but a good number of them will. Some of these docs deal with famous true crime cases, like those of Amanda Knox, JonBenet Ramsey, and Josef Fritzl. There are also accounts of horrific events from the past, such as the atomic bomb drop at Hiroshima and the Nazis' actions during the Holocaust. There are even documentaries that examine the rise of Naziism in modern times — both in Germany and in the United States. And of course, Netflix features lots of horrifying docs covering crimes committed against women. So know what to look out for, and take a look at the 52 scariest documentaries currently on Netflix.

1. 'Nazi Concentration Camps'

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It's atrocious what humans are capable of doing to each other.

2. 'Amanda Knox'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

Imagine being convicted of a crime you swear you didn't commit... twice.

3. '13th'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

This eye-opening doc explores race relations and the prison system.

4. 'Crips & Bloods: Made In America'

BVProds on YouTube

Gang violence remains a frightening problem in parts of Los Angeles.

5. 'Interview With A Serial Killer'

Real Stories on YouTube

Hearing this man calmly discuss his murder victims is bone chilling.

6. 'Hiroshima'

BBCWorldwide on YouTube

One of only two times in history, along with Nagasaki, when people were vaporized by other humans.

7. 'Cartel Land'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Fighting drug cartels is dangerous business.

8. 'Who Took Johnny'


Child abduction is put front and center in this doc.

9. 'Holy Hell'

Worldwide News on YouTube

Life in a cult is explored in detail here.

10. 'H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer'

filmmakerjohnb on YouTube

This guy was truly a monster.

11. 'The Jihadis Next Door'

Channel 4 on YouTube

I never talk to any of my neighbors as a general rule.

12. 'Audrie & Daisy'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

Online bullying takes a horrific turn.

13. 'Team Foxcatcher'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

I hate to say it, but be careful of a stranger looking to help you without asking anything in return.

14. 'The Fear Of 13'

Dogwoof on YouTube

The chance that you could be the victim of a wrongful conviction should keep you up at night.

15. 'Narco Cultura'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

It's tough to fight drug gangs when they're lauded as heroes by their communities.

16. 'The Imposter'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

There are always people looking to scam you.

17. 'Welcome To Leith'

moviemaniacsDE on YouTube

Neo-Nazis attempt to conquer an American town.

18. 'The Alps Murders'

DCDRights on YouTube

A spooky murder mystery.

19. 'Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer'

Sundance Now on YouTube

Female serial killers are rare, but they get the spotlight in this doc.

20. 'The Hunting Ground'

RADiUS on YouTube

Campus rape is a problem that needs a solution immediately.

21. 'Chasing Ice'

Exposure Labs on YouTube

If you live in a coastal city, you might want to start thinking about moving inland.

22. 'More Than Honey'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

If the bees die, we all die.

23. 'Behind Closed Doors'

Nicolas Sicurella on YouTube

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone.

24. 'Josef Fritzl: Story Of A Monster'

back2backtv on YouTube

One of the scariest crimes committed this century.

25. 'Tricked'

3GenerationsOrg on YouTube

Human trafficking is a serious issue.

26. 'The Thin Blue Line'

Sundance Now on YouTube

Yet another account of wrongful conviction.

27. 'Hostage The Devil'

Content Movies on YouTube

Demonic possession will never not scare me.

28. 'Glory Daze'

Gravitas Ventures on YouTube

A horrific tale of murder.

29. 'The Confessions Of Thomas Quick'

Film4 on YouTube

More confessions from a serial killer, in case one wasn't enough.

30. 'Casting JonBenet'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

One of the most chilling and notorious crimes of the '90s.

31. 'Mind Of A Rampage Killer'

NOVA PBS Official on YouTube

What causes mass murderers to do what they do?

32. 'The Nightmare'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Sleep paralysis is a real medical condition and it's the scariest thing ever.

33. 'The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Dark Sky Films

The title pretty much says it all.

34. 'Dear Zachary'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

The twist in this doc is both horrible and sad.

35. 'The Paedophile Next Door'

ABC TV on YouTube

Again, watch out for those neighbors.

36. 'Lost For Life'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Imagine spending your entire life in jail for something you did as a teenager.

37. 'Murder On The Social Network'

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Be careful who you talk to online.

38. 'Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

The horrific hate crime murder of Matthew Shepard is remembered here.

39. 'Sleepwalkers Who Kill'


Now that's a terrifying idea.

40. 'Hate Crimes In The Heartland'

Virgil Films and Entertainment on YouTube

Hate runs deep in American society.

41. 'After Innocence'

AltinaFilms on YouTube

After innocent jailed people are released from prison following exoneration, life isn't so easy.

42. 'India’s Daughter'

India's Daughter on YouTube

The rape problem in India came to the world's attention after the horrific gang rape and murder of a woman on a public bus.

43. 'Dowry Law'

Nicky Loh/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Another issue in India involving violence against women, where brides are murdered for their dowry gifts.

44. 'Death Beach'

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Stay out of the water.

45. 'Danger Down Under'

flashbackent on YouTube

FYI, every animal in Australia wants to kill you.

46. 'American Experience: The Blackout'

AmericanExperiencePBS on YouTube

New York was not a fun place to be in 1977 during the blackout.

47. 'Newtown'

The Orchard Movies on YouTube

Let's hope a tragedy like this never happens again.

48. 'Code Black'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Our hospitals are in rough shape, and that's a scary thought.

49. 'The Propaganda Game'

eOne On Demand on YouTube

North Korea could start a war with us any day now.

50. 'Revenge Porn'

ABC TV on YouTube

It's a scary idea to be betrayed by those you trust most.

51. 'The NSU Complex'

Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Naziism is illegal in Germany, so how was this underground group of neo-Nazis able to commit terroristic acts in the country for over a decade?

52. 'It Happened Here'

Cinedigm on YouTube

More harrowing accounts of campus rape.

Watch these docs, but be careful — nightmares will abound.