These Are The Socks That Belong In Your Gym Bag — & Here's Why

A great workout can leave you feeling like you're on top of the world — but nothing can ruin an otherwise killer sweat sesh quite like wet, sweaty feet or ill-fitting socks. For that reason, only the best gym socks will suffice for your next trip to the gym.

You may think all socks are created equal, but that's far from true. The best workout socks are comfortable — they should sit securely on your foot to minimize blisters — and ideally made with breathable performance fabrics that wick away moisture, as wearing socks without these qualities can cause uncomfortable conditions like Athletes Foot.

And just like certain workouts require unique footwear, there are sock features to look for based on the type of exercise you're doing. For example, if you're a runner or HIIT enthusiast, supportive compression socks with shock absorption are crucial to protect your muscles. Cyclists, on the other hand, require a thinner material with arch support, and yogis need no-slip bottoms.

Regardless of your preferred exercise method, the optimal choice for you is on this list of the best socks, below. These picks are both budget-friendly and highly-rated, so you can take your workouts to the next level sans uncomfortably sweaty feet.


The Best Gym Socks For Any Workout (& They're Budget-Friendly Too!)

These low-cut athletic socks from Tipi Toe are an affordable option that comes highly-rated by Amazon customers. At only $16 for a pack of 12, these socks feature optimal gym qualities including a slight arch compression for added support, cushioned soles for optimal comfort, and mesh inserts for breathability. They're perfect for any type of workout, and users noted that the "bright and vibrant" socks feel just as soft as they look. Don't love the rainbow colors? These packs — which fit sizes 6-10 — are available in eight different options including basics like all-black and all-white.


The Best Running Socks

These super comfortable women's performance socks by Bering are best for runners thanks to their shock-absorbing technology. A supportive elastic material in the arch paired with strategic cushioning throughout is meant to reduce impact and offer added muscle protection as your foot hits the ground with each stride. While users say the material is thick, it still boasts breathable mesh and sweat-wicking fabric that promises to keep your feet dry. The socks, which fit sizes 6 through 9 and come in four different color options, even have heel tabs on the back to prevent slipping and protect against blisters. Users say the padding does wonders for foot pain, too. "They feel like tiny little hugs on my feet, so now I lounge and sleep in them too," one happy customer wrote in a review.


The Best Cycling Socks

Designed specifically for cycling, Thirty48's unisex low-cut socks come highly recommended by users and backed with a 90-day guarantee from the brand. "I've been buying these for 4 years," reads a rave Amazon review. "They are the best cycling socks I've found so far." Why, you ask? Because they're lightweight and stabilizing with elastic arch support and padded insteps to minimize friction. Their thin material means they'll fit nicely into any cycling shoe, and their special design creates airflow, leaving your feet cool and dry as you pedal.

  • Available sizes: Small - Extra Large


The Best HIIT Workout Socks

QUXIANG's 6-pack of compression socks come at an affordable price while still offering all the pain relief and circulation benefits of compression. These are a great choice for HIIT because they provide stability and support with no sweat-inducing, bulky material in sight. Made with a thin, moisture-wicking fabric and targeted compression zones throughout, this option — which an Amazon reviewer dubbed "amazing" — will keep you comfortable through any fast-paced workout session.


The Best Studio Socks With Non-Slip Bottoms

Lightweight socks with non-slip bottoms like these from Libruone are ideal for those practicing yoga, pilates, or barre in a studio setting. The ultra-cozy yoga socks are made of breathable cotton and promise to absorb sweat without adding bulk. The non-slip dots on the bottom grip the floor for added stability and balance while still providing a barrier between your bare feet and the communal floor. "These yoga socks fit perfectly and really keep you from sliding," reads one Amazon review. You don't even have to worry about the grips wearing off, because users say they hold up after multiple washes. Get the one-size socks, which fit women's sizes 5-10 and men's sizes 4-9, in five different color combos for $13 a pack.


The Best Compression Socks For Chronic Foot Pain During Exercise

When it comes to compression socks, finding a high-quality pair that helps minimize pain is vital for those with chronic foot injuries like tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. And according to Amazon customers, these compression socks by Featol do just that. The compression properties throughout these thick, snug-fitting socks provide stability and total-foot support, reducing fatigue, pain, and discomfort. While more expensive than others at $13 for a single pair, these are FDA-approved for foot pain, so they're a trusted option.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large

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