The 6 Best Long-Lasting Eyeshadows

It's often difficult to find beauty products that stay put all day — but this is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. The best long-lasting eyeshadows in particular are few and far between, and that's because the eyelid is naturally resistant to makeup. For one, it's constantly creasing when you blink, and for another, it's surrounded by oil glands that aim to keep your eyes hydrated. These qualities often mean that most shadows crease, fade, and smudge, but thanks to smart formula ingredients, some are much more resilient than others.

For starters, choose a product that is designed for 24-hour wear or is labeled water-resistant — even if you're not planning on wearing your makeup that long or getting it wet. The resilient ingredients in these shadows will ensure that your color stays in place, even if you're prone to sweating or have naturally oily eyelids.

You'll also find that texture is another key factor when it comes to long-lasting shadows. While there's certainly nothing wrong with powder-based shadows, using one that is cream- or gel-based could help it to glide on smoother, making it much easier to apply. It may also provide a smoother appearance long-term, since many find that powder eyeshadows absorb excess oils and start to crease.

As with all eyeshadow purchases, you'll also want to pay attention to pigment. The term "pigment" refers to the products' actual hue and how deep or rich it may be. Shadows that are more pigmented transfer more color upon application. Because of their color payoff, they typically stick to the eyelids longer than others and remain vivid even hours later.

Lastly, when preparing your lids for the day, you should never underestimate the importance of a good eyelid primer. Priming your eyelids before applying shadow creates a barrier against the natural oils and helps the color to adhere for a more fade-resistant look. These long-lasting shadows should help to preserve your makeup all day, and you won't even have to bat an eye.