The 7 Best Cotton Sheets


You already know about the importance of sleep. Without enough of it, you might be increasing your risk of Alzheimer's and heart issues. With sleep, science reports that you're less likely to get sick, will reduce your stress levels, and might even get along with people better. But when it comes to how well you sleep, the number of hours isn't the only factor. How deep you sleep is has a big impact on how relaxed you'll be when you wake up, and that's where the best cotton sheets come in.

According to the textile scientists of 37.5 Technology: "To get into restorative, REM sleep, you must lose 2 degrees of heat. This comes off as moisture vapor, but if it isn’t removed from the bedding, it builds up and makes you too hot so you kick off the covers and interrupt your sleep."

In other words, having comfortable, breathable sheets are essential to a good night's sleep. And few materials rival the breathability or softness of cotton. Pair that with how easy cotton sheets are to wash, and you have tried and true great sheets.

When choosing between the thousands of cotton sheets out there, though, the best sheets for you will depend on your home temperature and if you're a hot sleeper or a cooler sleeper.

Below, the best cotton sheets on Amazon perfectly suited for your weather and your needs — almost all for less than $100, too.