The 8 Best Cooling Mattress Toppers For Hot Sleepers

Warm weather feels so delightful — until you wake up every morning drenched in sweat, that is. High temperatures are great if you're at the beach or picnicking in the park, but when you're trying to sleep, it's a nightmare. The best cooling mattress toppers can mean the difference between throwing off your covers all night and actually getting some quality Zzz's.

According to experts, you'll sweat out 26 gallons of water over the course of a year while you sleep. That's just the average. If you're prone to heating up at night, like me, that number could be a little higher. I'm probably the Queen of all sweaters, so I'm guessing that number would be closer to 50 gallons in my case. So, if that sounds familiar, you're not alone.

Thankfully, there are ways to stem the rising tide of sweat. Your mattress and sheets might be trapping your body heat and not allowing air to circulate. That adds to the already elevated temperatures of the season. Instead, these cooling mattress toppers are designed for optimal air flow and breathability.

Your sleep is precious and it's not worth losing a minute of rest to a hot bed. You might find a cooling mattress topper is your ticket to dreamland. And it'll be great to wake up with dry hair.

1. A Bamboo Pad People With Night Sweats Swear By

Not only will you feel cool at night with this bamboo mattress pad, it's also super comfortable. Filled with hypoallergenic down alternative, you get extra support while the fabric is designed to breathe. One user wrote: " I trusted the reviews of the this bamboo mattress topper and am SO happy I did. It made such a huge difference... I've been using it for over a month now and I haven't sweat once!!!"

2. A Topper Made From Carbonized Bamboo

This summer sleeping mat is perfect for full beds and is made from smooth carbonized bamboo to provide a natural cooling effect. The bamboo is waxed to prevent mildew, and is easily cleaned with a warm, wet towel. One reviewer writes: "When I roll over on the bamboo mat, the new area feels refreshingly cool. By the time I roll back to my original position a few hours later, the original area has already cooled down again."

3. A Refrigerated Mat For An Extra Cool Night

When you need a really cool option, try out this portable gel mattress topper, which resembles a body pad. The thin gel disperses heat evenly to keep you cool. You can use it in one of two ways: under your sheets, where it stays cool for two to three hours, or over your sheets, where you can sleep directly on and experience a briefer, but more immediate and intense feeling of coolness. And when the heat gets crazy, you can put it in the fridge or freezer to recharge it for a refreshingly cold feeling.

4. A Gel Pad That Won't Trap Your Body Heatv

Memory foam mattresses can trap a lot of heat. But this gel memory foam topper is specifically designed to keep you cool. The open structure of its gel mixture lets air flow freely while still providing the great support of memory foam.

5. A Textured Topper For The Best Air Flow

This topper doesn't have a quirky design just for looks. The textured top is designed to promote air flow. It's super breathable and adds almost two inches of extra cushion while you sleep.

6. A Pad That Uses Bamboo Charcoal To Beat The Heat

It seems like charcoal is the answer to everything. It whitens your teeth, works great in soap, and can keep you cool on a hot night. This pad uses bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture and regulate the temperature. One user wrote: "I literally closed my eyes for a moment and thought I was on a puffy encompassing white cloud. I swear I could hear angelic voices and see Pegasus flying around me!"

7. A Mattress Protector That Saves Your Mattress & Won't Make You Hot

Even the most breathable mattress can get hot from a mattress protector. That doesn't mean your mattress has to go bare, but it might help to use this breathable protector. It still keeps your mattress safe from moisture, bacteria, allergens, and dust mites, but it breathes beautifully to keep you cool. One user wrote: "This mattress protector is everything the ad claimed it would be. My husband always sweats at night, and with this cool shield protector, he doesn't sweat AT ALL. It's unbelievable! "

8. A Topper With NASA Technology

If NASA is involved, you know it's legit. This topper uses Outlast technology which wicks away moisture and helps regulate your temperature throughout the night and prevent sweating. Best of all, it's good for every season since it always keeps you at the ideal temperature no matter the weather. One user wrote: "This mattress pad made all the difference between buying ANOTHER new bed or being able to sleep in the one we just purchased. Our new bed reflected so much heat that it was absolutely unbearable for both of us...Thankfully, the product helped enough that we can actually sleep in this bed now."

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