These Comfy Cushions Will Upgrade Your WFH Chair On The Cheap

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While a great desk chair will go a long way towards making your work day more comfortable, many ergonomic models come with pretty steep price tags. If you're dealing with an average chair, one of the best office chair cushions can go a long way in making it infinitely more body-friendly.

That said, all office chair cushions aren’t created equal. Consider the following to find the right one for you and your desk setup.

The Best Style For Most

Most people will be best served by a pillow that's flat and rectangular in shape, and made in squishy yet supportive materials, according to experts interviewed by The Wirecutter. This will provide just enough lift and padding, without forcing your body into hyper-ergonomic positions. The Purple Seat Cushion fits those specs nicely — and has earned something of a cult following for offering comfort to office workers and road travelers alike — but it’s pricey and can be hard to nab because it sells out on Amazon so often. Fortunately, there are plenty of other excellent alternatives, like my picks below, that offer luxurious comfort at more reasonable prices.

Orthopedic Considerations

Anyone who deals with chronic aches might want a cushion that offers more targeted support. A molded orthopedic seat cushion with memory foam helps redistribute pressure when you’re sitting for long periods of time. Although memory foam is notorious for overheating, some options come with a layer of cooling gel or ventilation holes. Most orthopedic options include coccyx (that’s the tailbone in layman's terms) cutouts, which spares you from the notice-me agony of sitting on a glorified donut. If lower back pain is your concern, a lumbar pillow can help support your spine in a neutral position and relieve discomfort from slouching. Lumbar support pillows for office chairs are usually made out of memory foam, too, and really good ones might also have cool gel or breathable mesh — plus a strap to keep it at juuust the right spot.

Cushion Care & Maintenance

Almost every option here includes a removable, machine-washable cover that will go a long way towards keeping your cushion looking and feeling fresh and clean. No matter where you park yourself to GSD, these cushions can help make your desk chair feel like your throne.

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The Best Bang For Your Buck

This classic memory foam office chair cushion is a great pick for anyone looking for a soft, stable place to land, but who doesn't need any orthopedic bells and whistles. The three-inch-deep slab of memory foam rivals some mattress toppers and all but eliminates pressure. The removable, machine-washable mesh cover encourages air flow and has a rubberized dot coating on one side to keep it from moving around on you. Despite its size and thickness, this is one of the most budget-friendly memory foam chair cushions on the market. "These are great for my office chair, both at work and at home. I'm getting another one for the car," noted one shopper.


The Best Purple Seat Cushion Dupe

If you prefer gel chair cushions, this one is a spot-on dupe for the popular Purple Seat Cushion — for notably less money. The lattice design disperses your weight evenly to reduce pressure, without compromising the structure of the medical-grade cooling gel, and allows for increased air flow so you don’t overheat. The zip-off washable cover has an anti-slip bottom and a carrying handle, which is convenient for people who might prefer to move their cushion from car to desk. One common complaint about office chair cushions is that they are either too large or too small — this one is available in two different sizes and thicknesses for the perfect amount of lift and seat coverage. One shopper's desk chair was triggering some sciatic pain, so they gave it a shot: "The first day of using this product and oh, what a difference!"


The Best For Cold Offices

Offices somehow are mysteriously freezing any time of year. And anyone who's ever enjoyed a heated car seats knows they feel downright spa-like at any time of year. This heated chair pad delivers that same level of comfort but for your desk. It features a light layer of padding and cozy warmth using far-infrared heat that gets up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (with built-in protection against overheating). It powers up via USB (or cigarette lighter if used in the car) and heats quickly in about three to five minutes. One reviewer noted that it was "great for comfort and warmth both." The only downside is that there's no indication you can remove the cover to wash it, but shoppers echoed that it was still a nice little upgrade to treat yourself.


The Best Orthopedic Option

This bestselling orthopedic office chair cushion has it all, with one reviewer dubbing it "the MERCEDES of all memory foam." It has an ergonomic U-shaped design to help relieve pressure that can contribute to hip, leg, or back pain, and a coccyx cutout for added comfort. The 100% memory foam is treated to be heat-responsive so it uses body heat to mold to the contours of your body and retains that shape for a custom fit. The machine-washable cover has a non-slip rubber bottom to prevent shifting and comes in five different colors that can either blend in seamlessly to your workspace or add a cheery pop of color. Shoppers with everything from sciatica to scoliosis to pregnancy reported relief from this little wonder.


The Most Breathable Orthopedic Pillow

Similar to the orthopedic pick above, this breathable office chair cushion has a classic ergonomic molded seat that helps relieve lower back pain, while a coccyx cutout takes care of tailbone pressure. But, it also features three-inch memory foam that is infused with eco-friendly bamboo charcoal that helps absorb moisture and random smells, plus it comes with built-in ventilation channels, offering ultimate breathability. It comes with a soft machine-washable cover with a handle, too. "I bought my first CYCLEN seat cushion last spring, right before a long drive. Heaven! I've since purchased one for the passenger side, one for my office chair and two for our leather dining room chairs," reported one shopper.


The Best For Lumbar Support

A full-length lumbar chair cushion provides total-body comfort with targeted support for your lower back. This one is made from contoured high-grade memory foam and available in whole, half, and half-moon sizes, with options for cooling gel or breathable mesh, making it arguably one of the most versatile lumbar office chair cushions on the market. Every single design features adjustable straps for a secure fit and a machine-washable cover for convenient care. But, for those who are looking for lumbar support but want an option that can also provide heated massage, consider this upgraded office chair cushion.


The Best For Improving Your Posture

This gym-inspired posture cushion for office chairs gives you the same zero-slouch benefits of a full-sized stability ball, without the side-eye from dubious coworkers. The destabilized design forces you to use your core to remain upright, helping to strengthen those muscles to improve posture over time and mitigate the effects of sitting for long periods. Although it might not be the most comfortable for long periods of time, you can control how soft or firm it is by adjusting the level of inflation (an inflation need is included, though the pump is not). "I bought this on the recommendation of my chiropractor," one shopper noted. "I got up to stretch and get some water, and my core was like wet spaghetti. You may not feel it, but you are getting a little muscle work out while you stare at your screen."


The Best Set: A Seat Cushion & A Lumbar Support Pillow

If your needs vary depending on the day, a memory foam seat cushion and lumbar set lets you customize your support. The seat cushion features a molded ergonomic design with a coccyx cut-out and is topped by a layer of heat-dispersing gel. The lumbar pillow, on the other hand, features breathable mesh and has a strap to fit securely over the back of your seat. The soft covers are machine-washable, and this set includes an additional rainproof cover (the third piece) that's great for camping or outdoor sporting events. One reviewer who was cramming for exams noted, "The cushion supports me perfectly, and the lumbar cushion is great because I can adjust it depending on how I'm sitting. It's definitely improved my computer posture, and I love, love, love that I can sit for so long without any pain."