8 Hot Positions To Try In Front Of The Mirror

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We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, to help us out with the details. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. Please send your sex and relationship inquiries to Now, onto this week’s topic: the hottest sex positions to try in front of the mirror.

Q: “Hi! My boyfriend and I recently bought a large mirror for our bedroom (it’s huge! Practically floor-to-ceiling). We were just doing some redecorating, and didn’t really think about the potential sexy-time uses. Once we hauled it into the bedroom, we immediately started giggling together. Do you have any recommendations for the best ways to put our new purchase to use?”

A: Thanks for the question! Mirrors can bring an incredibly sexy element into the bedroom. First — a couple of tips for how to use your mirror: If your mirror is lightweight, you can pick it up and try it out in different locations. Try putting it along the side of your bed, so you can watch yourselves from the comfort of your mattress. You may like just being able to get little glimpses of yourself in the mirror, or you might want to position it so you can see all of the action. If your mirror can’t be easily moved around, you can always drag some pillows and blankets down to the floor and get it on right in front of the mirror. Now, let’s get into the seven hottest sex positions to try in front of the mirror.


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The Basics: You’re probably familiar with this classic sex position! You rest on your hands and knees, while your partner kneels behind you. They enter you from behind, and hold onto your hips for leverage.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: To take full advantage of your mirror, try turning sideways, so you see the length of your bodies rather than just staring at yourselves in the face! The curve of your back is really beautiful when you’re on all fours; you can really play up the vamp factor by arching even more.

Why It’s Hot: The penetrating partner usually gets an incredible view during Doggystyle, while the receiving partner can’t see much. You can use the mirror to even out the playing field, and ensure that you both get to see all of the action. You’ll get to see each and every thrust. Have your partner do a few slow thrusts where they pull out almost the entire way before sliding back in.


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The Basics: Have your partner lay flat on their back. Climb on top of them, straddling them with one leg on either side of their body. Rest your weight on your knees, and rock your hips back and forth.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Keep the mirror is off to your sides, so you can both turn your head to catch a peep. Or, if you’re feeling really saucy, put the mirror near the head of the bed, so you can watch yourself grinding on your partner.

Why It’s Hot: A lot of women get intimidated by being on top, but I think women’s bodies look beautiful at this angle. You can watch your back arch and your breasts bounce up and down. Or you can masturbate and watch as you touch yourself.

Reverse Cowgirl

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The Basics: Like you do in regular Cowgirl, have your partner lay on the bed. Straddle your partner, but this time facing their toes instead of their head. Have them prop up their back with some pillows.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Make sure the mirror is near your partner’s toes, facing back towards both of your heads (so you’ll both be looking into the mirror). They should be sitting up enough to be able to watch in the mirror.

Why It’s Hot: This position can create a visual smorgasbord for the penetrating partner. They get to watch your ass sliding up and down on top of them. They can also glance into the mirror for a view of you from the front.


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The Basics: Here’s one of the most obvious possibilities for using your mirror — standing sex, directly in front of it! You’ll both be standing, with your partner penetrating you from behind. Your partner can put their hands on your body or on the wall for leverage. You may need to crouch or use a little footstool if there’s a big height discrepancy between the two of you.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Position yourselves right in front of the mirror. Put your hands on the wall, on either side of the mirror, for support (don’t rest any of your weight on the mirror itself!).

Why It’s Hot: Talk about getting an up close and personal view! You’ll both be so close to the mirror that looking into it together will actually feel like you’re sharing super-intense eye contact. Have your partner reach down and stroke your clitoris to up the intensity even more (or do it yourself!).


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The Basics: You know the drill here! Lay on your back. Have your partner lie on top of you, facing you, in between your legs.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Keep it simple by placing the mirror to the side of the bed. This can be a great first-time mirror-sex position to try, since you can adjust the mirror so you only see little glimpses of your bodies.

Why It’s Hot: Bringing a mirror into the bedroom can shed new light on old standby positions. You won’t get a crazy view in Missionary, but watching yourselves for the first time can be extremely erotic.

On Your Knees

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The Basics: Have your partner stand. Drop down to your knees in front of your partner, and take their penis or dildo into your mouth. Give them a blowjob.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Have your partner stand with their side turned towards the mirror. Your side will also naturally be facing the mirror. This gives you both the best view.

Why It’s Hot: Giving a blowjob on your knees can feel wonderfully subservient. Getting a full-body view of it can make it even sexier. Use this position to play around with Dom/sub dynamics.

Lying Doggy

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The Basics: Start off in Doggystyle, with your partner behind you. Once your partner is inside of you, slowly lower down onto your stomach. You’ll both both be laying on the bed, and your partner will be on top of you.

Put Your Mirror To Good Use: Place the mirror so both of you are facing directly into it.

Why It’s Hot: This is a really sexy position on its own, but it’s usually not possible to make any sort of eye contact. Using a mirror allows the two of you to have really hot eye contact — it also looks super romantic. This is also a great position for people who are shy about seeing their entire bodies. You’ll get a great view of your breasts if you lift up into a slight cobra position. Try arching your back so your butt comes into the reflection too.

Have fun!