The 8 Best Dog Breeds To Bring To Brunch

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Plenty of restaurants offer outdoor seating so bringing your pup along might seem like a fantastic option, but not every dog is tame enough to make that a pleasant experience. But there are some well-behaved dog breeds you can take to brunch because they usually tend to be relaxed and obedient enough to bring along.

The bottom line is that your dog's behavior, not their breed, is the biggest determinant for whether they'll be a perfect brunch companion. "For dining out with your dog, make sure your dog is well-behaved around people, children, and loud sounds, and that you always have control of your dog," Dr. Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society and author of the Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness, tells Bustle. It's also wise to teach them commands like "come" or "quiet" in case they start to get distracted.

"Bring treats, water, and a chew toy to keep him busy," Dr. Weitzman says. "Most restaurants these days recognize the potential of dog-loving customers and will bring water and sometimes even dog-appropriate menu items for your dog," he says. "We live in a wonderful age for dining out with your dogs!"

Here are some dog breeds to bring to brunch, according to experts.


King Charles Cavalier

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Frankly, "any well-behaved, trained, non-aggressive dog can accompany you to a dog-friendly brunch," Ruth MacPete, DVM, tells Bustle. Whatever their background, as long as they can be calm when you need them to, they're a worthy brunch companion. But if you're looking for a breed that's known for being calm, quiet, and well-behaved, then a King Charles Cavalier might be just what you need.


Jack Russell Terrier

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When you're savoring every last crumb of your avocado toast (which is not safe for dogs, by the way) or your bottomless mimosas, the last thing you want to worry about is a big pup jumping up to try to snag a bite. That's why a Jack Russell Terrier might be a great option. "These dogs are very relaxed and laid back," Sara Ochoa, DVM, a small animal veterinarian and a veterinary consultant for DogLab, tells Bustle. "They are not big enough to reach up on the table and get food," she says.


Shih Tzu

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"A smaller dog, the Shih Tzu is notorious for its flat face and long hair," Josh Kreinberg, chief dog officer at PuppySpot, tells Bustle. But those cute looks aren't the only thing that the breed should be known for. These little cuties are also able to be happy anywhere and to get along with anyone, he says, which is perfect for a lazy Saturday brunch environment.



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You might think that bolognese has no place at a brunch table, and rather is better suited to topping a nice pile of pasta at dinner. But the dog breed Bolognese makes for the perfect pancake companion because of its petite frame. "Smaller sized dogs which do not necessarily take up a lot of space are typically more favorable in outdoor food venues," Jeff Franklin, dog trainer and owner of Cobra Canine, tells Bustle, "as they are less apt to run into someone, or bump someones coffee cup with their tail if they're larger." Plus, they just might have the cutest faces in existence, which means they're great for a brunch-stagram pic.


Boston Terrier

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"The Boston Terrier, also known as 'the American Gentleman,' loves to go out and socialize, and is a generally friendly dog that gets along well with people," Dr. Angela Hughes, DVM, PhD, veterinarian and genetics expert at Wisdom Health, tells Bustle. If you pride yourself in never wasting a delicious bite of breakfast sausage, this is the breed that will help you finish off any plate. "Boston Terriers also love a good opportunity to snatch up a dropped morsel," Dr. Hughes says.


Golden Retriever

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"Gentle giants that are quick to learn, the Golden is another breed you will often see at restaurants and cafes," Will Tottle, professional dog trainer and creator of Dog Owner, tells Bustle. "They are some of the loveliest and most patient dogs, so taking them to brunch with you should be a stress-free experience."


Miniature Poodle

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Some dogs might not take to obedience easily, but the Miniature Poodle is one breed that's incredibly intelligent and quick to pick up tricks and commands, Tottle says. While you and your BFFs are gushing over picture-perfect omelettes, this pup will behave themselves and be perfectly content lounging and people watching while you eat.



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You might not immediately think of big, lovable Labradors when you think of a brunch partner, but maybe you should. Even though these cuties are on the bigger side, their personalities make them a great fit for heading to an outdoor restaurant. "These goofy dogs are some of the easiest to train; even if they can be a little hyper," Tottle says. "Taking them to brunch should be easy, and as long as you train them they will also be nice and calm," he says. "They are quite happy to wait for you to eat and aren’t impatient in any way."

Whatever cute canine you decide to bring into your life, they'll be sure to love spending time with you, especially if it means being able to tag along to a tasty brunch. Just make sure that you're only sneaking them dog-safe scraps from the table, and they'll be as happy as can be.