The 9 Best Flameless Candles

LED candles are a safer, simpler alternative to real ones, but not all look especially convincing. When shopping for the best flameless candles, flame-effect makes or breaks the overall aesthetic. Cheaper options tend to have a plastic, teardrop-shaped dome over the lightbulb, and while the illumination itself may flicker, it's still easy to spot as fake — especially when the candle is off.

If you're looking for something more realistic, find an option that hides the plastic flame deeper inside the candle (which adds to the authenticity since real candles melt downwards, leaving a wall of wax around the flame). For those who want closer to the real thing, more advanced "moving flame" candles utilize a thin paper or plastic piece that physically flickers. So when the candle is on, it's virtually indistinguishable from afar.

Another factor to consider is the candle's body. Most high-end LED options are made from genuine wax; irregular shapes, specifically around the candle's rim, make it appear as if it's been burning for a while. If you'll be placing the candle inside another fixture (often done with tea lights or smaller votives), these features aren't necessary — but for larger candle sets that'll be out on display, they make a big difference.

Last but not least, think about your preferred power source. Most flameless candles run on batteries, so to minimize the hassle associated with changing them, opt for a set that runs on easy-to-find types. You might even opt for rechargeable sets — though they're usually more expensive.

Flameless candles with remotes and timers let you control them from afar, preserve battery life, and sometimes even personalize colors and brightness levels.

Whichever size, shape, or design you're looking for, these are the best flameless candles the internet has to offer.