The 'Arthur' Theme Gets A Nostalgia-Inducing Cover

by Allie Gemmill

It's been a long day, hasn't it? Regardless of when you're reading this, come sit down and take a load off. I have the perfect thing to watch, too: the Arthur theme song, as performed by Stephen Colbert, Chance the Rapper, and Ziggy Marley. This performance is a thing and it exists for us all. I mean, honestly, what did we do to deserve this magical thing? The world may never know

In the video, Colbert is at his desk working, when his band leader Jon Batiste walks by. Batiste is humming the Arthur theme song, which he and the late-night host proceed to reminisce about. Colbert and Batiste pine for the good ol' days, but the kind of days where people cared about one another, when innocence and joy was the order of the day. Colbert then excuses himself for an afternoon nap and that's when things get incredibly fun. Out of nowhere, Batiste is suddenly playing along with Marley. They start performing the theme song in Arthur's opening cartoon sequence. It's a heckuva thing, guys. You'll love it.

Colbert's choice to sing the Arthur theme song is special for a number of reasons. The first reason is one he said himself: The theme song is all about cooperation, people coming together from different walks of life and living as one. It's a chipper, quick remark about the kind of attitude we need to put into overdrive these days, rather than succumb to the sadness life throws our way.

But the additional reason this song is special is because it packs a nostalgic punch and the people doing it are actually super joyful humans. Seriously. Have you ever been sad when Marley or Chance were singin' and boppin' along ? Yeah, didn't think so. These guys nail it, both in bringing back the nostalgia in such great quantity it washes over your in happy waves, but also bringing new musical twists that will make you smile.

Listen, if you're looking for a ways to take a load off after a hectic day, this song is pure joy. Go ahead, click play and mellow out.