The ‘Infinity War’ Release Date Is Now SO Soon & Twitter Is Totally Freaking Out

Hold off on those getting those Marvel pre-sale theater tickets for May 4. The Avengers: Infinity War release date has just been moved up an entire week, and no, this is not a drill. A brief Twitter exchange between Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios revealed that the highly anticipated film will now be premiering on April 27, and fans all over the internet are freaking out.

It all started when the studio's official Twitter account asked fans how excited they were to see the 19th film installment of the MCU, to which Downey responded "Any chance I could see it sooner?" Now, Marvel didn't just reply with a "sure, here's your private screening voucher" or anything. And instead, gave the Tony Stark actor, as well as all of the fans, an opportunity to see the film seven days earlier than what was originally planned. Talk about using your power for good, huh?

It's unclear whether or not the advancing of the premiere was planned (and seeing how these things are pretty much set in stone since the beginning, it most likely was), but either way, the baller move is setting off a wave of excitement. And fans have Downey's lack of patience and charismatic demeanor to thank.

No, but seriously... who could say no to that face?

Speaking of fans, the reactions to Marvel's generosity are priceless. Enthusiasts of the franchise are familiar with the studio's comedic and light-hearted edge, so a charming Twitter exchange like this one with Downey aren't anything new. This particular time, however, wasn't just to garner laughs and retweets from those planning to see the film. Marvel had a bigger objective in mind, and everyone responding to the epic reveal are seemingly taken by surprise.

For Some, It's A Celebration

While a lot of fans are rejoicing because of the new development, there are quite a few others who are still in total disbelief.

Meanwhile, Others Are Simply Not Ready

And who could blame them? The wait for Infinity War has been so intense already. Pushing the premiere up a week is going to force a lot of people to rearrange their schedules, because this is totally a must-see.

These Folks Gave Thanks

Fans thanked Downey for being a true hero IRL.

All of this Marvel love doesn't necessarily translate into fondness for other films heading to the box-office around the same time, however. Because with Fandango already declaring Infinity War one of 2018's most anticipated films, its presence will more than likely steal the show. New premiere date may not affect films like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new film Rampage, which premieres a week prior, but it could certainly put a damper on projects with the same opening weekend, like Amy Schumer's new comedy I Feel Pretty and Paula Patton's thriller Traffik. Or at least, that's what Twitter is speculating.

At this rate, it looks like fans won't let anything stand in the way of them heading to the box office to see Avengers on April 27. And seriously, after obsessing over the Infinity War trailer, it's clear that people are prepared to move through hell and high water to see their faves take down Thanos for the billionth time.

For all of the new Marvel fans out there, you'll have just one week less than you originally thought to cram all of the knowledge from the 18 previous installments into your memory bank. But just as the Avengers never back down from a challenge, you shouldn't let this mini hurdle cause you too much stress, because as it's been proven, even longtime-diehards are feeling the angst.

It's only March, but between this news and the massive Black Panther response, 2018 is already panning out to be the year of Marvel greatness.