An Avocado Cafe Is Opening In Amsterdam This Year

by Kiersten Hickman
Joseph Gonzalez/Unsplash

Attention avocado lovers! It's time to save up for a plane ticket. Not kidding — you’re going to want to hop the pond and fulfill all of your favorite green-foodie needs at The Avocado Show, an avocado café opening up in Amsterdam in 2017.

Although the exact date of the opening has yet to be revealed, the new café took to Facebook a few months ago to advertise the fact that, oh yes, they are certainly supporters of the avocado bun trend. Every single dish on the menu will have some sort of avocado element added to the mix – including an avocado chocolate smoothie. The masterminds behind this genius café are Julian Zaal, Rob Simpson, and Chef-kok Jaimie van Heije (who currently runs his own restaurant and menu selections in Ouderkerk, which is in the Netherlands).

We don't know everything that's on The Avocado Show's menu just yet, but a quick look through the cafe's Instagram account and its gorgeous array of avocado foodie photos should give you lots of hope for the menu to come — especially since this popular fruit can be used in numerous creative ways.

“The possibilities are endless,” said the founders in an interview with Algemeen Dagblad, a local Dutch newspaper, Metro UK reports. “Our only rule is that the dishes need to contain the green super fruit in one way or another.”

This isn't the first avocado-only restaurant to pop up on foodies' radars — there is also Avocadería, a new avocado bar in New York City, which might be a little easier to get to considering, you know, you don't need a passport to visit. But The Avocado Show is definitely worth the trip; the big difference between this and Avocadería is the fact that The Avocado Shop place is a sit-down restaurant with a menu entirely dedicated to avocados. Avocadería is a pick-up store you hit up after ordering a dish via the Avocadería app (which, to be honest, also sounds amazing). The Avocado Show will always, forever, be there for you, fulfilling all of your avocado-Instagramming dreams. Plus, the restaurant is open for all types of cravings. Brunch cravings? It's open. Late-night snack munchies? It's open.

Basically, if this new avocado café isn't the answer to your 2017-has-got-to-be-better dreams, then I seriously don't know what is.