The 'Bachelor' Aftershow Will Be In An Unexpectedly Awesome Place

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ABC just handed a rose over to Snapchat and created a new Bachelor show for fans to obsess over in the process. According to Variety, Watch Party: The Bachelor is coming to Snapchat beginning on Jan. 3, the morning after the Season 21 premiere of The Bachelor. Each episode will reportedly feature comedians, celebrities, and past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants commenting on the shenanigans of Bachelor Nick Viall and the women trying to win his heart.

If you think Snapchat is a strange place to launch a new show, it's time to pay closer attention to the short video social media platform. Snapchat isn't just for flower crowns and barfing rainbow filters anymore. The app wants a piece of the original content game and is busy preparing even more new shows with ABC set to roll out in the coming year. Watch Party will reportedly join a weekly E! talk show and skits from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which are already airing on Snapchat in the Snapchat Discover section of the app.

This new dose of Bachelor goodness is perfect for anyone with a short attention span and a love for viewing parties. The episodes are set to last just three to five minutes each, and they will play out in a living room style setting. If it sounds like you will be watching your fave famous friends gab about the show over popcorn just like you and your pals do, then ABC and Snapchat are doing their jobs.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

The aftershow is supposed to be an intimate, gossipy discussion that you can devour in just a few minutes. Each Watch Party will be available for 24 hours after a new episode of The Bachelor airs, so you have a day to catch up on what former contestants think about Viall and the women on the show. Who knows, seeing how former members of the Bachelor family react to this year's batch of contestants might even help you assemble your Bachelor fantasy league.

Watch Party is only going to add a new dimension to your Bachelor experience. The show has always encouraged interaction between its fans, and this feels like the natural next step for one of TV's last true water cooler shows. If you haven't done it yet, download Snapchat now so you don't feel left out when your friends start chatting about the hilarious thing that happened on Watch Party at work. And hey, you can also get in on the flower crown selfie game while you are waiting for the first episode to premiere.