Nick Viall Doesn’t Care If You Like Him


Even if Nick Viall doesn't find love with one of the contestants, I think he's already found something much more valuable: self-assurance. Because at the end of the day, Viall doesn't care if you like him, according to an interview he gave with People. Once you've discovered that kind of sense of self, finding a partner as well is just icing on the cake. His season of The Bachelor begins Jan. 2, and I have to admit that I've spent a lot of the lead-up a little concerned about what I was going to see from him. We've seen a lot of Viall already, after all, and that's been enough for there to be a lot of heated and controversial opinions about him.

I watched him get his heart broken on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, immediately turn around and have the same thing happen to him on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, and jump into a whirlwind relationship with Jen Saviano on Bachelor in Paradise. And all of this happened while he was trying to rehabilitate his image. Many times, I wanted him to take a break, because if you don't take a moment between relationships to remember that you're great on your own, then you aren't really moving forward. And that's not a key for romantic success. Leaping right into being the Bachelor yourself after all of that seemed like a bad move, but my opinion did a complete 180 when I saw Viall's latest interview:

I never came on the show to change anyone’s opinion. I was following my heart. And it’s important for people to know that I’m always going to be who I am, for better or worse. It’s a winless battle to try to be liked by all. If you’re going to be interesting, you’re not going to be loved by everyone.

See, that's what I needed to hear, that Viall knows trying to be liked by everyone is not only difficult and exhausting, but straight up impossible. So you might as well stop trying now and save yourself some time and effort.

I’m excited that people seem to really care what happens to me. That’s very humbling. But I wasn’t trying to prove anything. If I was, I probably would have done things differently before and made life easier on myself! I want to give people what they want but not at the risk of making a poor decision.

Viall finishes out with a statement that feels so honest and healthy to me: "I’m fully aware of the overall perception of me. I hope people like me. But that isn’t my goal going into this." That's such an important thing going into another round in Bachelor Nation, but also an important thing for any aspect of life.

I hope Viall was able to hold onto it throughout. And, as for myself, now that I've gotten a glimpse at his head space, I'll be able to come into Monday's premiere with much more optimism about his chance at finding love.