Hannah Will Keep An Eye On Her ’Bachelorette' Contestants In This Brand New Way

ABC/Ed Herrera

Bachelor Nation fans know that the franchise makes the most of the friendships formed on the show, often featuring conversations between the current Bachelors or Bachelorettes and their pals. But this time around, things will reach a new level when The Bachelorette's premiere features Demi and Katie helping Hannah by quite literally keeping an eye on her prospective suitors.

Entertainment Tonight reported Friday that a "surveillance van" will be outside the cocktail party on Hannah's first night with the guys. Demi and Katie will be inside the van, watching and listening to the action. Oh, and they're calling themselves "Hannah's Angels," because why not?

It's not a break in Bachelor Nation tradition to bring the lead's friends in so early on in the show, but it sounds like a cute way to make the season premiere even more entertaining. If fans get to hear Demi's running commentary on the guys and their conversations with Hannah, there won't be a dull moment for the entire night.

ET didn't give a ton of information about how, exactly, the surveillance van will work. But I'd like to imagine Hannah being able to hear all of Demi and Katie's comments through some sort of headset. It would definitely ease any first-night nerves, though it could make the contestants wonder why the Bachelorette was suddenly bursting into laughter.

Mild spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette Season 15 premiere. ET also revealed some information about the men who will go home on the first night, and it sounds like Hannah will be making some tough decisions, with eight men going home on the first night.

And even though ABC announced that 33 men would be competing on The Bachelorette, it sounds like three of them may have since dropped out — or were also eliminated. The outlet reported that 30 men are competing for Hannah's heart in the premiere, but it's not clear which three guys won't be featured on the show.

In the promos for Hannah's Bachelorette season, she leans into the "Beast" nickname. Considering how much Colton's Bachelor season played up the fact that he's a virgin, there will probably be no shortage of emphasis on it. (At least Hannah seems to have given herself that nickname.)

The new promo also shows Hannah forming a connection with at least one of her Bachelorette contestants. And she seemed at least intrigued by all of the suitors she met during the Bachelor's live finale in March. Hannah even gave the first rose of the season to Cam, who delivered an original rap about her onstage.

As Hannah said in the limo when she left The Bachelor, she knows her self-worth, which is sure to factor into her Bachelorette decisions. "I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day," Hannah said in the limo after Colton sent her home. It sounds like there are 30 guys who want her to "feel chosen," though, and now it's Hannah's turn to call the shots.