These New Crocs Cost $90 & Have GIANT Spikes On Them


Crocs is at it again. The rubber clog debuted another big-name collaboration, transforming its humble gardening shoe into a sartorial dream. The new Barneys New York XO Croc's collection is probably the brand's most fashion forward capsule yet. Teaming up with the luxury department store, Crocs has launched a capsule collection of '80s New York punk inspired Classic Clogs. There are five different styles to choose from, and each one is wilder than the next.

If you never thought you would cross over into Team Crocs, this Barneys collection might be that final nudge you need. These shoes are the peak of being fashion-forward. Pulling inspiration from the streets of Manhattan in the '80s, the clogs are full of slight nods to punk culture and NYC as a whole. There are the obvious punk style accents, like spike detailing and silver hardware chains. But then there are more subtle tributes to the Era of Excess and its counterculture underbelly. For example, there's a boombox charm, which pays tribute to rap culture in New York's boroughs. Then there's David Bowie's iconic green lightning bolt, which was the symbol of misfits and rebels. Check out the full collection below, and see which one you click with most.

Spiked-Toe Rubber Clogs

This clog is pure punk. Boasting a sleek black design, the first thing that stands out is the shoe's spiked cap toe. Turn it around and you will notice a safety-pin and stud-embellished slingback strap. The look is topped off with a silver hanging chain on the side, meant to mimic punks' pocket chains.

Punk Studded Rubber Clogs

These blue denim-print-rubber clogs look like the jean jackets that punks would wear in the '80s. The top is trimmed with black smooth leather, which is then pierced with round, pyramid, and pointy studs. The back sling is also black and accented with studs, and the shoe is tied together with another hanging chain.

Pink Embellished Rubber Clogs

These clogs take a detour into bright, acidic color with this hot pink hue. To help make the pink pop, there is a leopard-print rubber slingback strap. Then on top of the shoe is an assortment of pop-culture inspired charms. Expect to find boom boxes, leather jackets, taxi cabs, David Bowie's lightning bolt, and the Empire State Building among other motifs.

White Embellished Rubber Clogs

This clog is the same version as the hot pink option, just painted in white. If you like a more subtle color palette for your outfits, this is a great pick.

Punk Studded Rubber Clogs

Probably the most metal shoe in this collection, these clogs are embellished with assorted mixed-metal studs, spikes, and punk-inspired charms. The clog boasts massive spikes, as well as a rhinestone studded lock charm, a Destroy apparel Jibbitz, and ruby studs. If you flip the shoe around there is also a chain-embellished slingback strap that is studded with spikes.

Pay homage to NYC this summer with this Barneys New York XO Croc's collection. You can shop it now at Barneys New York flagship location and online at