'Big Brother 19' Is Bringing An Evicted Houseguest Back


Julie Chen always warns contestants to expect the unexpected on Big Brother, but I bet no one in the house is expecting the next big twist. On Thursday night, Chen revealed there will soon be a Battle Back competition on Big Brother 19 that will give the first few evicted houseguests the chance to re-enter the game. With a special Big Brother episode airing next Friday, July 21, I'm guessing that's likely to be when the Battle Back happens, which would allow Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and whoever is eliminated next Thursday to compete for a spot back in the house.

Julie Chen announced that Megan will not be participating in the contest since she elected to leave the competition on her own — and given her reasons for leaving I would have been surprised if she wanted to come back. In all honesty, I would like to see Cameron win since he never really got a chance to play the game at all — being evicted on Day 1 and all that. In any case, bringing an evicted houseguest back always throws a wrench in things, especially if the evicted player blows things up on their way out (*ahem* Cody). Then suddenly they're back in the game and everything changes.

Last year, Victor was the winner of the Battle Back challenge and made it all the way to Day 90, leaving in the Top 5. Needless to say, the chance to re-enter the house can allow someone to go from loser to back on a winner's track just like that.

So, who will be victorious and what will that mean for the game? We'll have to tune in to find out, but it's certainly going to be a competition you won't want to miss.