These Famous TV Dogs From The '90s Will Bring Back So Many Childhood Memories

Blue Peter/BBC

Back in the age of television pre-internet, shows gained obsessive followers that tuned in week after week to catch up on their fave slice of entertainment. And TV dogs generally made up a part of your average TV family, helping the family get into heaps of funny escapades or, even better, solve mysteries and save lives. I know right? I can barely get mine to not pee on the floor. So the fact is, we all know the dogs were what we really tuned in for. With so many excellent options, choosing the best '90s TV dogs is low-key a struggle. But in the interest of hard-hitting investigative journalism: I got it.

There is an age-old saying in the entertainment world that you should never work with children or animals. Trying telling that latter part to the cast of the shows below — they seemed to have a whale of a time (through the TV screen, at least). And audiences loved them.

The dogs in this list are not only going to swell your heart with loving memories but also swell your desire to have a baby dog of your very own.

Right, every trip down memory lane needs some sappy music. Sappy music is boring though, so let's celebrate these pups with the dulcet tones of the Baha Men.


Wellard — 'Eastenders'


Wellard was the dog of Dean Gaffney's character, the unforgettable Robbie Jackson. Wellard wanders into Albert Square assumed to be a stray and is adopted before it's realised he has run away.

However, this is Eastenders, so, like, obvi things were a bit more dramatic. It transpired Wellard was abused, so really, he got saved by Robbie. The dog went on to bite Ian Beale in the bum (go Wellard) and sadly eventually die from chocolate poisoning.


Wishbone — 'Wishbone'

Wishbone/Big Feats! Productions

Long before doggy fashion was a thing, Wishbone had a wardrobe that remains to die for.

This American show was about a Jack Russell Terrier who used to daydream and, as you do, imagine becoming the lead in literary greats. I know right? This effing show was so lit.


Odie — 'Garlfield'

Right OK technically yes, this is a cartoon dog, but guys cartoon dogs are also important.

Odie is the canine pal of fat cat Garfield. He is dumb as a bag of rocks but also super well wishing and funny. OK, so basically he's a lot of real life dogs.


Monica — 'Coronation Street'

Coronation Street

Monica was a greyhound rescued by Corrie's Tyrone after he found her as a stray. She was (hilariously) named after Monica from Friends because of her svelte figure.

Tyrone adopted Monica while he was lodging with Jack and Vera Duckworth. When Monica was put outdoors because of her howling, Tyrone chose to sleep with her in the shed. So cute.


Eddie — 'Frasier'


Eddie was probably one of the best-known TV dogs in the U.S. during the '90s. The cheeky little chap served not only as a companion to the title character's dad but also as a pain in Frasier's arse. In a cute way.

The show is rumoured to have a reboot in the works, but minus the cute little doggy, will it actually be as funny? Only time will tell I guess.


Mabel — 'Blue Peter'

Blue Peter/BBC

Mabel, the black and white dog bottom left in this pic, was a stand out character in Blue Peter for one major reason. She was the first ever rescue dog on the show!

Mabel became a favourite among fans and a historical member of the show's rich pet history.


Colin — 'Spaced'

Spaced/Channel 4

Hit Channel 4 comedy Spaced remains in the annals of comedic gold history. And if the show didn't get you giggling, the dog would definitely float your boat.

Colin was a miniature Schnauzer saved by Daisy before he was due to be put down, and he totally warmed her heart after a rough break up.


Happy — 'Seventh Heaven'

Seventh Heaven/CBS

Happy made the vomit-inducing show Seventh Heaven bearable. The adorable pup broke up some of arguably the cheesiest scenes ever to air on TV and, for that alone, salutations to her.


Santa's Little Helper — 'The Simpsons'

OK yes, again, this is a cartoon dog. But I'm sorry, I bet you know this one's name.

Santa's Little Helper was of course saved by Bart Simpson after being mistreated (yes, there is a theme to these TV dogs).

He may be a bit naughty and occasionally rubbish, but Santa's Little Helper is smart AF and funny and loving. Another reminder to adopt not shop when it comes to doggies.


Buck — 'Married With Children'

Married With Children/Fox

Buck was the cynical AF canine member of the Bundy family in Married With Children. Don't you remember that show? The definitely inappropriate-for-your-age sitcom everyone watched? OK, but how can a dog be cynical? Well, Buck's thoughts were often heard during his time on the show (before he sadly kicked the bucket) and guys, he took no BS.


Pippin — 'Come Outside'

Auntie Mabel and Pippin were literally the crowning jewels of '90s British children's television. I mean, who didn't want to fly in that spotted plane and accompany this duo on all their fun japes? Ergh, memories.


Whichever is your favourite '90s dog, I'm willing to bet that the mere utterance of their name will send you into nostalgia overload. Also, maybe they'll give you some inspo for potential names for the new dog you're going to own in the future? One can dream.