7 Apps That'll Help You Live Your Best Love Life
Ashley Batz/Bustle

For some people, talking about sex and relationships, asking questions, and seeking advice is a normal part of their life. For others, it's a little more complicated. They feel self-conscious or just don't know where to turn, so learning about it and improving their love life feels like a huge task to tackle. Luckily, that's exactly where apps come in.

"I grew up in Tennessee where there was only abstinence-based sex education," Brianna Rader, a sex education advocate and creator of Juicebox app, an iOS app that connects you with sex and relationship coaches, tells Bustle. "I had to confront a lack of information and openness on these topics from a young age, and I began formally working in the sex education space while in college. I hired professionals to provide workshops at my university. Since I was the organizer, I attended every workshop, and they honestly changed my life. They gave me the tools I needed to discuss sex with my partner and made me a bolder more confident person who knows what they want and how to get it, in relationships and the bedroom. This also affects my overall happiness and confidence outside of my personal life. I know it sounds cheesy but knowledge is empowering, and I’ve had better one-night stands, dates, and relationships because of these professionals."

Seeing the huge influence that education and communication had on her, Radar wanted to share that with as many people as possible. "I want everyone to have access to the expertise I had," she says. "An old product we ran targeted teens and young adults, but we had an a-ha moment when looking at that data. We consistently found older adults using our product, trying to get in-depth sex and relationship advice and realized people need more access to these experts so that they can have a conversation and work through larger issues. We realized everyone needs this expertise — regardless of age."

But Juicebox is not the only app that can help improve your love life or your sex life, there are some other options you can try. Whether you're single, in a long-term relationship, or just curious, there are so many apps out there to help.



Through tips, how-to guides, and a messaging service, Juicebox allows you to ask experts those burning questions, it opens up the conversation, right through your phone.

The app costs $24 a week for unlimited messaging, which is pretty steep — but probably a lot more affordable than seeing a sex coach or sex therapist in person. If you feel like you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge or take your sex life to the next level, it might be a worthwhile investment.



Think of Jyst as being able to ask all of your friends a question at the same time. It's crowdsourced advice that comes from women, so you can get some guidance if you're struggling with a person you're dating or even just deciding whether or not to go out with someone. It's all on there.



If you want an entire scrap book for your relationship, the Couple app gives you just that. It's basically your own messaging system, where you can make plans, exchange photos, or even just send a little "buzz" to let them know you're thinking of them. Keep those memories alive.


We-Vibe App

The We-Vibe is a powerful vibrator that is great on its own — but the app helps bring your relationship or sex play to a new level. You or your partner can control the app from anywhere in the world.So it really let's you connect, whether you're in a long-distance relationship or just across the bed.



Not sure how to spice things up? This iKamastura app will not only give you a new position, it'll let you know how difficult it is and what category it falls into. You can even search for sex position that match your ability level and more. Just make sure to pace yourself.



A sexy game for couples where you can set dares for each other and more, the Desire app is designed to keep you inspired and connected.



Discreet, candid sex ed right on your phone? That's what Tabú is all about. It aims to give inclusive advice and resources, and there's no question too intimate to ask.

If you're having relationship problems, want to learn more about sex, or just want to spice things up, there are so many apps that can help. Anything that's spreading around more sex positivity and education in an informed way is something we can learn from.