6 Apps You Can Use With Your Sex Toys

As technology has advanced, the sex toy industry has been one of the most innovative, and one cool effect of this has been the advent of apps that connect to sex toys. If you wanted to, you could really fill up a whole page of your phone's app display with apps for your vibrators (though it may drain your data). From helping you connect with a long-distance partner to synching with your music library to controlling your toys via cartoon characters, they're capable of some pretty amazing things.

It's really no surprise how futuristic some of these apps are, given how futuristic the sex toy industry as a whole is these days. Currently on the market are a vibrator that records the inside of your vagina, a DIY vibrator you can program yourself, a vibrator that fits around a pool toy (really), a dildo that can be controlled by brain sensors, a vibrating vaginal implant, and an actual ejaculating sex toy for artificial insemination.

And that's just what you can do with sex toys on their own. Once you connect them to your phones, it adds a whole other dimension. Here are a few apps that will enhance your sex toy experience.

1. Vibease Chat

Vibease's app connects to its Wearable Smart Vibrator so that you can control it either by moving a dot around on a screen to manipulate the strength and speed (which you can do in the moment or in advance to set a customized pattern), by uploading music so that the vibrations get more intense as it gets louder, or by synching it with the app's erotica library so that its vibrations actually match what's happening in the story.

2. We-Connect

The We-Connect app lets your partner control any of your We-Vibe vibrators so that you can enjoy an intimate experience from anywhere in the world. The app also provides voice and video chat, so you get the tactile, auditory, and visual aspects of cybersex all at once.

3. B. Sensory

Like Vibease Chat, B. Sensory synchs with erotic literature. You can also actually manipulate the vibrator by touching, shaking, or simply breathing on your screen. It connects with an egg vibrator aptly named Little Bird.

4. Body Chat

Lovesense's paired toys "Nora" and "Max" make long-distance sex scarily similar to real sex. The dildo and sleeve actually move in response to each other like they would if they were touching, and their accompanying Body Chat app also lets you video chat.

5. Remoji

Remoji has officially gamified sex toys. Its interface features actual cartoons that control four different toys: a vibrating egg, butt plug, sleeve, and cock ring. It may seem a bit silly, but who said sex and silliness can't go together?

6. OhMiBod Remote App

Like We-Connect and Body Chat, this app lets your partner control your vibrator from anywhere in the world, but what makes it unique is its "Oh-Dometer," which tracks your orgasms, tells you what time of day they're most likely to occur, and sends your partner notifications when you have them just so they know you've been thinking of them. Yup, the future has officially arrived between your legs.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle