The Best Biodegradable Face Wipes Available In The UK, Because Every Small Act Helps


When face wipes hit the market, lives were changed forever. They made taking off your day's make-up easy as wipe, wipe, done. As such, they became an instant hit. Sadly, however, as with a lot of things that are on the convenient end of things, face wipes really were too good to be true, because it turns out they due huge damage to the environment. Luckily there are biodegradable face wipes currently on offer that will let you carry on removing your make-up easily without having the horrible environmental issue associated with them.

Did you even know how awful your average face wipe is for the environment? Well, pull up a pew and get ready for a whole load of learning because, guys, these things are worse than I realised.

Not only are they not biodegradable, and therefore add to the unfeasible large amount of waste humans produce, but people often feel the urge to flush them down the toilet. This leads to our beautiful seas being polluted with them. And you guessed it, it is incredibly harmful to marine life and our already fragile eco system. According to the Marine Conservation Society, flushing face wipes is "contributing to sewer blockages, so-called ‘fatbergs’ and marine pollution."

If you are able, here are some alternative options to regular face wipes.

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