The Best Board Games For 6+ Players

Gone are the days when game night meant choosing between Clue and Monopoly. These days, there are so many multi-player board games out there that shopping for a new one can actually feel kind of overwhelming. But whether you’re looking for simple board games that even novice gamers will enjoy, or a highly collaborative board game to bust out at your next party, the best board games for six players can turn even the dullest night into a blast.

Before you decide on the next tabletop game to add to your collection, you'll want to spend some time thinking about exactly what you're looking for in terms of game play. Are you primarily interested in an easy one to play with your kiddos? Or are you looking for a fast-paced game to liven up a nights with friends? Are you a seasoned gamer who's looking for a complex board game to keep you and your buddies engaged for hours?

Whether you're hoping to geek-out with your friends, convert the non-gamers in your life, or find a board game to diffuse familial tensions at your next big family gathering, one thing's for sure: There's a whole wide world of fun, beautifully-designed, sometimes wonderfully absurd board games to choose from nowadays.

Check out the best board games for six players below. All of them are highly-rated on Amazon, and many of them are award-winning too.