7 Bits Of 'GoT' Jewellery That'll Have You Living Your Best Khaleesi Life In No Time

by Alice Broster
Game Of Thrones / HBO

Winter is here and the end is nigh. Season 8 of Game of Thrones has really split fans so far but very soon it will all be over. It’s the end of an era. It’s fair to say that there are some pretty big Game of Thrones super fans out there. And from dragon outfits for your pets to T-shirts with Jon Snow's face on them, there's so much great Game of Thrones merch out there. But what if you want something a little bit more subtle? Here's the best Game of Thrones jewellery for all the fans out there that aren’t quite ready to let the series go.

From delicate dragon bracelets and necklaces with your house coat of arms on, to dire wolf pins, it couldn’t be easier to keep your Game of Thrones fandom going long after the series ends. Whether you want to add a subtle nod to the iconic series with some cute accessories or go all out on Game of Thrones-themed treasures these are the seven best Game of Thrones themed jewellery collections. Depending on how deep your wallets are and how much of a super fan you consider yourself to be you could even end up wearing some of the pieces that featured in the show.


Dragon Necklace

If you don't have the deepest pockets but still want to hint to your favourite series then this dragon necklace in gold, silver, or rose gold is the perfect subtle piece that wouldn't look out of place on the Mother of Dragons' neck. Daenerys may have taken a turn to the darker side and this necklace will make you look pretty fierce without any of that burning cities to the ground business.


Hand Of The King Pin

Eagle eyed super fans of Game of Thrones will recognise the Hand of the King pin to be a replica of the one worn by the king's most important adviser. Measuring only 4.5 inches in length this pin is perfect for adding to any coat or jacket as a small representation of the true fan that you are.


Sansa Spike Needle Pendant

Remaining calm and composed until the very end, Sansa Stark may be my ultimate favourite Game of Thrones character. This circle lariat spike needle pendant is not only a super subtle reference to the Game of Thrones heroine but it is also really pretty.


House Stark Sterling Silver Wolf Pendant

Any true Game of Thrones fan would recognise the Stark family symbol a mile off. The dire wolf has fronted House Stark for over a decade now. If, after all these years, your allegiance still remains with House Stark (even though you might be the only one left alive after the Battle of Winterfell) then this dire wolf pendent is the best way to show it.


Dragon Bracelet in Sterling Silver

This one isn't explicitly a Game of Thrones themed piece of jewellery but it is impossible to look at it and not think of the Mother of Dragons. The bangle is super dainty and pretty, and the dragon head cuffs give it that GoT edge. This is perfect for any fan who doesn't want to go all out pledging allegiance to their house but still wants to show that they're a big fan.


And if you really want to splash out, these next few options are sure you last you a lifetime.


Mother Of Dragons Chain

With a price tag that isn't for the faint-hearted, if you're looking to channel your inner khaleesi and only the real deal will do, then this Mother of Dragons chain is the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Mey designed this chain as Daenerys Targaryen went into full battle mode, heading towards Westeros in series seven. Undoubtedly a statement piece this chain could just be the pick me up you need after Game of Thrones leaves our screens.


Duelling Dragons Ring

Taylor & Hart

Bespoke jewellers Taylor and Hart pride themselves on being able to bring your wildest dreams to life. If your wildest dreams are Game of Thones-based they have you covered. For £3,200 you could get your hands on a duelling dragons ring with diamonds and sapphires. It's inspiration is a scene in Series 8 of the show and it would look perfect on any serious fan's finger. You can't currently buy these online, so if you've got your heart set on one, you'll have to enquire at one of Taylor & Hart's shops.


While Season 8 of Game of Thrones may be wrapping up, it's going to be a long time before the fandom it has created forgets its magic, if ever. It's important in these final weeks that you soak up every last bit of the magical story, even if that means watching your favourite characters die. And if you're anything like me and want to keep the Game of Thrones fun going then these pieces of jewellery are the perfect way to treat yourself before the end.