The 3 Best Hair Ties That Won't Let You (Or Your Hair) Down While Working Out


When it comes to shopping for the best hair ties for working out, people want comfortable, durable hair ties that won't let them — or, more importantly, their hair — down. Also key: hair ties that don't cost a fortune, so if one happens to get lost at the bottom of a gym bag (how come that always happens, anyway?), it won't be a big deal.

Sure, cute hair ties are easy to come by, but ones that can handle your long runs, CrossFit classes, kickboxing sessions, and soccer games without sliding down? That isn't as simple an ask. But ahead, you'll find three great options — all of which are affordable, and conveniently sold on Amazon — that are backed by hundreds of reviews from athletic shoppers who swear by these elastics for working out. Aside from a classic, durable pack of no-slip hair ties, there's also a seamless set for people with damaged or easily breakable hair, and finally, an option that'll hold up even the thickest of manes. And to keep your hair looking good after your workout without having to wash it, don't forget to pick up a dry shampoo, like one of these four great cruelty-free options.

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The Overall Best Elastic Hair Ties For Working Out

Goody's SlideProof Secure Fit Elastics are designed to keep your ponytails and buns in place throughout even the most strenuous of workouts, thanks to the brand's Slide-Proof Technology. Fans say they don't snag, don't stretch out, and don't hurt, either. Plus, they costs just a few dollars, and come in a handy 10-pack.

"Love these silicone elastics from Goody!" wrote one reviewer. "They last longer than the regular hair elastic and prevent having to worry about it becoming loose. Very useful for an active person who wants to keep their hair out of the way when working out."

Another shopper commented, "One and done - I put my pony tail up at the beginning of my workout and it does not budge. With lots of jumping around, or running, these do not slide out of my hair."


The Best Seamless Hair Ties For Working Out

These popular, seamless and silicone-free hair bands combine the best of hair ties and scrunchies into one excellent product. They've got the grip and elasticity you require from a tie, and the softness of a scrunchie, so you won't get a headache or cause damage to your hair. Even thicker- and long-haired athletes report these keep their hair in place during intense workouts, and last all day without slipping or snapping. Choose from a variety of colors to match your hair, from black and brown to gray and blonde.

"I haven't found a single hair tie that can hold the bun without multiple adjustments during a workout...until now," wrote one reviewer. "I went for a run yesterday and this held my hair up for a full 2+mile run outdoors. I've been using it for a week now and it hasn't stretched out at all."

Another commented, "These hair bands are the real deal. I have thick hair and have never been able to find hair ties that stay in while I run, jump, etc. These make my ponytail stay in place for my entire workout. Definitely worth every penny!"


The Best Hair For People With Thick Hair

Revlon's Stronger Hold XL Elastics are noticeably bigger than typical-sized hair ties, so they'll work especially well on extra long, extra thick hair that typically has trouble staying up. Since they're so long, they can be wrapped around multiple times without snagging, and they also work well for people with dreads, braids, and twists. They're also the best budget-friendly option, since you'll get a whopping 16 hair ties (choose from black or brown) for just a few dollars.

"SO GLAD I FOUND THESE. Literally the best hair tie ever! I wrap it around like 5 or 6 times and my ponytail won't budge for my entire 6mi run," wrote one reviewer with self-described "really thick long voluminous" hair. "Perfect for thicker hairstyles like box braids or Senegalese twists," noted another.