The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas Your Significant Other Will Love, Based On Their Sign

Astrological compatibility can be freakishly accurate. Even though we're not always 100 percent represented by our sun sign, there are general characteristics that hold validity. Don't worry, if you're a Gemini who gets distracted easily dating an organized and prompt Libra, your romance can work. How? Well, it helps if you know the best last-minute gift ideas for your significant other based on their sign. That way, no matter how your signs match up according to the astrologists, your partnership is sure to shine as bright as the constellations this holiday. Thanks in part to overnight shipping.

You don't have to be star crossed lovers this holiday season when you have the right gift. Not that your genuine love isn't a present in and of itself. Homemade intimacy coupon books aside, your Sagittarius sweet might be keen on an adventure pack. Show the number one crab in your life that you enjoy staying home with them when you present a double snuggie pack. And lucky for you, there are multiple ways you can make a Gemini giddy upon opening their holiday present. Whichever sign you're cozying up with by the fireplace this season, have the perfect present wrapped that will let them know you're grateful that the stars aligned for you two.


Rosemary Arnica Massage Oil, $25, Cold Spring Apothecary

Aries are confident and passionate people. Their competitive nature tends to lead them to train and aim for first place. With all that energy being dispensed, your Aries boo will be delighted when you present aromatic massage oil. Not only will it calm their muscles and emotions so they can be revitalized, it could also ignite some passion between the two of you, if you know what I mean. Ship it with priority mail to get it in one day.


Embossed Terracotta Baking Dish, Large, $44, Terrain

The bull likes nice things. And, as all people who like nice things, appreciate a home cooked meal whipped up by themselves. I bet the Taurus lover in your life is also an expert food stylist, racking up likes in the triple digits on their foodie Instagram account. Help them accessorize their kitchen and food shoots this holiday with a terracotta baking dish big enough to bake a Boule. Buy it online now to pick up in store as soon as possible or ship express!


Fitbit Alta HR, $150, Fitbit

Show your Gemini love that you read their horoscope too. 2018 is projected to be a year focused on health and wellness for the twins. The Fitbit Alta HR is a sleek way to stay in style while also keeping track of your heart rate, your sleep cycles and your cardio activity. Select "overnight" at check out to have your Fitbit shipped as soon as possible!


Personalized Classic Notebook in Green, $25, Moleskin

The crab is a thoughtful and empathetic sign in the zodiac. Getting them a journal to secure all their thoughts, goals and lists is a way to show them that you're thoughtful too. Personalize the journal for an added message that lets your love know you support them. Select two day or overnight shipping at checkout!


Lune Light, $160, Uncommon Goods

Leo's are straight up fun and they appreciate anything that's fun. This light takes away the harsh fluorescents we are constantly subjected to, bringing a creative sort of ease to any home. An added bonus? These ever changing lights will make for some great #nofilter content that'll have all your friends believing you've stumbled upon a new James Turrell exhibit. Expedited and express shipping options are available!


Bedside Essentials Pocket, $20-25, Uncommon Goods

Virgo's number one issue? Disorganization. If your side of the bed is always messy, you'll more than likely find your Virgo love tucking in crisp bedsheets and organizing bedside table pens by ink color. Fuel your partners knack for organization and furthering the tidiness of the bedside with a neat organizer that helps declutter the table. Get your Virgo love organized as soon as tomorrow when you order express.


Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock, $26, Amazon

Libra is all about a balanced life. They want to enjoy as much playtime as they have to endure work time. Bestow upon your Libra love the gift of hanging out. Literally. This item ships with Amazon Prime!


Escape Room The Game, $40, Target

Scorpio is all about the truth. This emotionally charged sign is open and honest and that's why they're the best to play certain board games with. You'll get them at their best when you hand over the Escape Room game that will have them sleuthing in a blissed out state. Order this item express!


Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera, $179, Amazon

Your Sagittarius sweet is probably always scouring Google Flights for deals. Gift them a camera that'll capture moments from their travel — either solo or better yet, with you. Being able to print instantly means being able to tape in their journal. Or, if they're flying solo, send to you snail mail style with a note on the back you'll show your grandkids one day. This camera ships with Amazon prime so you can be taking selfies with your sweetie in no time.


Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Studio2 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones, $160, Best Buy

Capricorn is very particular. In a good way. If they're going to go for something, you better believe that it will be the best. So, when purchasing a holiday gift for them make sure it's of quality. For the hardest worker you know, these headphones can provide hours of aesthetically pleasing meditation. Or just your above average jamming session. And they're available for express shipping.


Adopt an Elephant, $55-$250, World Wildlife Foundation

For the Aquarian in your life who always seems to be taking care of you and everyone else in the world, adopt an animal in their name. You'll be doing the kind of good in the world your partner works hard to see more of which will consequentially do your relationship some good too. The best part is you'll get your "adoption" papers and certificate emailed to you right away.


Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams: Over 1,000 Dream Symbols and Their Universal Meanings, $18, Barnes & Noble

How many times have you woken up next to your intuitive Pisces partner and gotten a feature film length run down of the dream they had last night? Pisces people tend to be the most intuitive of the zodiac. You might not exactly be Freud and able to help in the analysis of the dreams, but that's what dream dictionaries are for. Give your Pisces lover the analysis tool of their, well, dreams this holiday. This book can be eligible for same day delivery in your area, pick up in store or sent express.