Beyoncé's Unintentional Nod To Sainsbury's (Yes) Has Gone Down A Storm On Twitter

In a very unexpected turn of events, Twitter today had Beyoncé trending alongside a British supermarket. "Why?" you ask. Well, take one look at her latest collection, designed in collaboration with adidas. Does the burgundy background with orange accents remind you of anything? According to a chunk of Twitter, Beyoncé has just designed the next Sainsbury's uniform.

The memes have been flowing ever since images of Bey's designs dropped. Even Sainsbury's is in on the hilarity, angering the Beyhive with its very own meme. In fact, Beyoncé fans are so incensed they're arguing with the supermarket about who did it better. (Twitter: please remember it's a joke; a uniform is not a fashion statement.)

But Brits can't get enough of the comparison. Some are saying they physically cannot wear Beyoncé's collection as the Sainsbury's colours are too ingrained in their minds. One employee has even offered herself up as the face of the (fictional) Ivy Park x Sainsbury's collaboration.

If you can't be bothered to scroll through meme after meme, here's a round-up of the best ones to brighten up your Monday. And if you're planning to heavily invest in Queen B's Ivy Park, skip ahead. Because when you see it, you can't unsee it.

The OG

This is the one and only time a brand tweet will ever be included on a best memes list. Fact.

Can Beyoncé report to aisle 24?

Someone had the audacity to Photoshop Queen B into a Sainsbury's aisle. We have to stan.

I'm gonna tell my children

The "I'm gonna tell my children" meme has found its best version yet. Let's hope later generations fully believe this.

Those pesky self checkouts

Sit back and imagine, for one second, this angelic woman sauntering up to you: a person literally sweating from the stress of dealing with the "please remove your item from the bagging area" message over and over again.

Skydiving at 3, shift at 4

These jokes just write themselves, thanks to Beyoncé's spectacular shoot.

When you land a job at Sainsbury's

Clearly, the supermarket has got some stepping up to do. Ball's in your court, Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury's employees in the aisles right now

Of course, they're going to work it while they can.

The reaction

Obviously, Bey has a sense of humour. Her fandom may not be laughing, but she most certainly is. Especially as she's about to receive a lifetime supply of Nectar points.

#SainsBey for life.