These Memes & Tweets From The 'PLL' Finale Are Everything

Eric McCandless/Freeform

Spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars series finale ahead. As engrossing as it is to watch Pretty Little Liars' endless drama play out on screen, it's often just as captivating to see its viewers react to its stream of twists and turns, and the memes and tweets about the Pretty Little Liars A.D. reveal are no different. After a long and winding seven-season run, Alex Drake, Spencer's evil twin, was finally unmasked as the show's ultimate Big Bad — a dangerous and ballsy supervillain that tormented the Liars in plain sight. This was, of course, the third A PLL has exposed, but after all this time and torment, it was still one of — if not the — most anticipated, and let's just say fans have plenty of thoughts about it.

A few were pissed they couldn't guess it sooner, others were inevitably disappointed, and some were still confused, but mostly, people were just surprised. Heading into the finale, there was a whole trove of theories about how PLL would end, all of which were convincing for one reason or another, and even if you could guess who A.D. was, it was nearly impossible to surmise every detail of why and how and when (and if you did, well, congrats, you're a PLL savant). But now that the show is officially over, at least you can relive its final moments.

Some People Were Less Than Impressed

Fans did kind of call it.

Others Were Very Here For All The Twists

It wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars without a few red herrings.

This Fan Was Skeptical Of Ezra's Reaction

Some Are Still Reeling

It's a lot to take in.

But Mostly, People Were Living For It

For a lot of fans, the wait was totally worth it.

Whatever your thoughts on A.D., it will probably take some time for the end of PLL to sink in, but for now, you can take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one still processing it all.