These 'PLL' Finale Theories Actually Kinda Make Sense

by Allie Gemmill
Eric McCandless/Freeform

Fan theories: Audiences love to love them, they love to hate them, but most of all, it could be argued that everybody loves to ponder them. The great "What if?" of a good fan theory about your favorite TV show can keep you occupied for hours. So, when it comes to contemplating how Pretty Little Liars will end, theories abound. There are fan theories for days about how one of Freeform's loopiest, most dramatic, most intense, and most complex shows will wrap up after seven — yes, seven — seasons.

You may raise an eyebrow or two at the theories you're about to read. You may even exclaim, "These aren't plausible; they're ridiculous." But consider this: PLL has always loved to throw in a truly logic-defying narrative twist, a curveball so gloriously out of nowhere that fans end up with their jaws on the floor (repeatedly) throughout an episode. So, could these theories really be so nutty compared to what this show has put fans through over the years? No way.

As the show nears its end, there are plenty of theories contemplating who the hell A.D. actually is. It's one of the most tantalizing threads in the series, and it's one the deserves plenty of pondering. Other interesting and plausible theories concern how the Liars will turn out after the time jump, and whether or not Spencer really has a twin after all.

1. Spencer's Twin Is Finally — Finally — Revealed

After episodes upon episodes of wondering, "Does Spencer have a twin or nah?", the theory may be totally confirmed in the series finale. Refinery29 believes that it's not Spencer you see getting hit in the face by Mona in the finale promo; it's her twin. Now, why aMona is hitting Spencer or her twin is a whole other theory to ponder.

2. Mona Is The A.D. & Everything Else Is A Misdirect

The evidence is strong that Mona could be A.D., and it's been there all along — no matter how she acted in the penultimate episode. Bustle even discussed it earlier this week, so keep an eye on Mona as you watch the series finale.

3. Ezria Ends Up Together

It's very plausible that one of PLL's longest-running couples, Ezria, ends up together. Yes, these two have a checkered past, but honestly... if these two don't make it, who else will?

4. PLL Could End On A Somewhat Satisfying Cliffhanger

What if PLL ended on a satisfying cliffhanger? It sounds like an oxymoron, but anything is possible when it comes to spinning off of PLL or revisiting the world of Rosewood, should the show end in a way that wraps up the Liars' storylines, but leaves a tantalizing tease that could keep fans wanting more.

5. Aria Was A Patient At Radley

This theory — which details that Aria was a patient at Radley and may be mentally unstable — suggests that any or all plot points we've seen through her eyes may be misleading, opening the door for some earth-shattering reveals. She may not be A.D. but she may have had a hand in providing big red herrings, plot-wise, to the audience.

6. Caleb, A Total Nice Guy, Could Be A.D.

There's tons of A.D. theories floating around, but this one is pretty intriguing. The "Caleb is A.D." theory argues that he has the technology whiz part down to a T, giving him the brains to carry out intricate and dastardly plans like the game. Would PLL pull a Gossip Girl on us and make one of the nicest, most unassuming cuties an actual villain?

7. CeCe Isn't Dead

Over at Refinery29, they argue that CeCe isn't actually dead and could return at some point in the finale. Given the absolute nutty things PLL has been prone to doing, it's not exactly the most far-out theory around. According to the theory, CeCe either faked her death or the person we saw getting killed was actually CeCe's killer, not CeCe.

8. Melissa Hastings Is A.D.

The Cheat Sheet recently posted a great theory that revolves around Melissa Hastings being revealed as A.D. The long story short of this theory (which is detailed in amazing length on Tumblr) is that Melissa has proven to be untrustworthy and capable of lying in the past, but more than that, she's been established as one of the smartest — if not the smartest — PLL characters. This is a trait that PLL showrunner I. Marlene King said was unique to A.D.

9. One Of The Liars Will End Up Pregnant

This isn't so much an earth-shattering theory as it as a pleasantly plausible one. Redditor DrowsyChild casually contemplated which of the core four Liars will end up pregnant on the finale, placing money on Hanna.

10. A.D. Gets Away With It All

Over on the Tumblr bestplltheories, one user contemplates whether PLL will actually just let A.D. get away with their crimes and, in their words, "[drive] off into the sunset" (which was hinted at in the penultimate episode).

Sure, the series finale promo shows Mona saying, "I always knew it was you," which kinda feels like a big reveal is happening, but what if you never know who she's talking to? Or what if that's a flashback? What if the ultimate twist is that A.D., identity revealed or not, is able to just drive away from Rosewood with zero repercussions? Argh, the suspense!

11. A.D. Actually Had Good Intentions For The Liars

As Bustle has previously discussed, there's actually reason to believe that the game A.D. forced the Liars to play is a good thing. Even though the game ended in the penultimate episode, Redditor PP8900 argued that maybe there was some good to be gleaned by the Liars from this. While A.D. had totally done some messed-up things to the Liars throughout this game, it would be interesting if the fallout from those actions finally reveals whether anyone has a twin, if the Liars are truly good people, and so forth.

Literally any, all, or none of these theories could be true because, if there's one thing a PLL fan knows, this show loves to keep everybody on tenterhooks.