The Best Mode Of Transportation To Take While Traveling, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have our preferred method of travel. Some people are pro-neck pillows while others find them to be tell tale signs of a rookie traveller. We should all check our judgments about other people's luggage and preferred methods of travel, and accept that everyone's vacation style comes in all different shapes and modes. There is a way to figure out what someone's preferred vacation style is, though — you just have to figure out what the best most of transportation to take while traveling is for them, based on their zodiac sign. While Virgo might have a solid itinerary mapped out months before departure, a romantic Gemini might approach a locale and allow herself to get caught in the local drift.

One thing is interwoven between zodiacs, even if a Cancer likes the comfort of their shell, though — and that is that every sign can appreciate travel. Some just might be more inclined to spend time at the spa than on the slopes. Whatever your signs' signature style, some styles can compliment each other which can make for a well rounded vacation with friends.

The season to travel is always and therefore, adventure awaits. How are you going to approach it? A first class ticket or a scenic train ride? Your sun sign might help you sort all that out so that you can have the best possible trip for your zodiac sign.


Aries tend to be the more daring of the zodiac. The bull is always down for spontaneous adventure, making a last minute decision to pack the car and hit the open road on a road trip doesn't make you break a nervous sweat. In fact, you probably settle down as the road continues to unravel.


A patron of luxury and aesthetic, you are about that five-star, plush hotel robe life. Who can blame you? And who cares when you have a freshly squeezed orange juice in one hand and the key to the eucalyptus sauna room in the other?


The twins of the zodiac like to cover a lot of terrain when they venture out for vacation. While one day could be charged with day long hikes, the next can be spent sprawled out on the beach. Flying into one city and booking a ticket out of another is a Gem's go to travel style.


Because a Cancer finds comfort in the familiar, a long train ride allows the crab of the zodiac to settle in. Nest yourself into a cabin and view the scenery from the comfort of all your belongings in one place.


Leo's like the spotlight. And they're quite social. It's no surprise that whatever city they arrive in they'll soon make new forever friends. When a Leo travel, it's not absurd to have them revisit a place where they already feel like they have secure stomping grounds.


A Virgo probably feels better when an itinerary is laminated. There's nothing wrong with that. A tight trip with a schedule is the way to go because there's nothing like the satisfaction of checking off the list.


A cruise offers Libra the balance of lounging and exploring ports.


Scorpios tend to have a competitive nature. And so racking up points on your Travel Rewards credit card is a victory. And whatever that affords, you'll take as your deserved trophy.


The adventurous Sagittarius can enjoy a less than conventional trip around the world. A Sag fits in where the world stands out. All you really need is a backpack and a map.


Because Capricorns are loyal and take work seriously, to go abroad is more like ~living~ abroad. A long, leisure vacation is well deserved by this hardworking sign. But, a Cap feels better if the vacation turns into taking a job abroad or, you know, a work trip.


The kind Aquarius travels with purpose. Community service trips are most enjoyed because it means you're making a difference. Escort those baby turtles to the sea!


The deep and emotional Pisces can turn any vacation into a deep memoir full of revelations. But there's nothing better for the fish of the zodiac than a yoga retreat where the emotional soul can be worked out and strengthened.