Whiling Away Time In The Bath Just Got SO Much Easier With These Gripping Podcasts


At the end of a long, stressful day, there is quite literally nothing better than slumping down into a hot steamy bath. But if you tend to get bored in baths (I can relate), then why not listen to a podcast while soaking away? I have selected some of my favourite ever podcasts (I've listened to a huuuuuge range, trust me) that act as perfect companions for an evening soak. So keep reading to find out the best best podcasts to listen to in the bath.

When I say I have listened to a great range of podcasts, I really mean it. My favourites tend to be in the true crime charts (obvi) and anything to do with beauty. There are also some great podcasts available to make you laugh, feel inspired, and help you learn something new. In my round up, I have included two true-crime options, as well as one that is great for beauty fans, a couple featuring famous faces (or, voices) you're bound to recognise, and a few to teach you something that'll make you feel super clever. There is literally a podcast for every taste and mood.

So run the taps, pick a boujee bath oil, and whack on one of these poddys for a relaxing yet entertaining hour or so.


My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder Instagram

Best for: True-crime fanatics

What's the deal? This is hands down my absolute favourite ever podcast. Hosted by true-crime fanatics Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, each episode sees the pair delve into a murder case with a uniquely hilarious, light-hearted approach. It may sound weird, but hearing Georgia and Karen talk about some of the most prolific murderers in history (think Ted Bundy, The BTK killer and John Wayne Gacy) is strangely soothing. And I guarantee you'll leave the podcast feeling as though you're already best friends with these loveable hosts.


Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Unqualified Instagram

Best for: Those who feel like a fraud

What's the deal? Anna Faris has been hosting her podcast for ages now, and was notably one of the first famous faces to really throw her hat in the podcasting ring. Each week, Anna discusses different issues with recognisable guests, and takes calls from listeners to help with their problems. While Anna is adamant she has little real-life experience giving advice, you'll no doubt take comfort in her wise words and funny quips.


Dirty John

Dirty John Instagram

Best For: Prepping for the Netflix series

What's the deal? I only recently marathon-ed this podcast (it's easy to do, there are only six episodes) when reading about the upcoming Netflix series featuring Eric Bana and Connie Britton. The true story follows the life of Debra Newell after she met 'Dr' John Meehan, who, unfortunately for all involved, turned out to be a not very nice man at all. I won't spoil the plot for you, but if you want swat up before the series hits Netflix on Feb. 14, it's ready and waiting.


Three Girls, One Keith

Amy Schumer Instagram

Best for: Total lols

What's the deal? Amy Schumer and her three comedian friends Rachel Feinstein, Bridget Everett and Keith Robinson host this hilarious pod, which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt at all times! Covering everything from love to politics, this is a great lighthearted, feel-good, real-talk podcast to put on at the end of a sh*tty day.


Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara Instagram

Best for: The biggest beauty fans

What's the deal? If you're a true beauty fan, you eat, sleep, and breathe beauty. Oh, and you probably want to hear about it on your morning commute or in your evening bath, too. Fat Mascara is hosted by New York beauty writers Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, and, as insiders, these ladies have access to some of the coolest guests, product launches, and top tips.


Hey, Cool Job!

Hey Cool Job! Instagram

Best for: Quarter-life crises

What's the deal? Bored to tears of your office job? Always envisaged you would do something different and a little more impressive? I advise you listen to Hey, Cool Job!, the ultimate inspo for changing careers and doing something you actually like day-in day-out. In this pod, Mary H.K. Choi speaks to celebrity paparazzos, top chefs, and porn stars, among many others, to see what life is like for them.


The Cut On Tuesdays

The Cut Instagram

Best for: Feeling smart

What's the deal? The Cut is definitely one of my favourite online publications, so when I heard they were launching a podcast, I was pretty thrilled! The podcast, which, as its name suggests, comes out every Tuesday, covers a multitude of issues in a mature, smart, and powerful manner.