7 Festive Sex Positions To Try Over The Holidays

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The holidays are here, which means it's a good time to get creative with the new sex positions you're trying out. Maybe it's because you're now only having sex after three-hour eating marathons that consist of gingerbread and frosting, or maybe you're at your partner's family's home and are trying to do it without making the bed creak. Either way, the holidays always make things interesting.

There's also so many reasons to get down around the holidays. The most basic reason, as Demetrius Figueroa, founder of the dating blog and podcast Tao of Indifference, tells Bustle is that winter sex is a “cheap way to stay warm.” Which is definitely true, but the cold weather also adds a nice extra dimension to sex.

“I think winter sex is great primarily because of the after-sex cuddles.” Figueroa says. “Cuddling after sex in the summer usually lasts about five minutes before one of you decides to bite the bullet and say ’It's too hot, please move your arm.’ In the winter, you're way more likely to cuddle post sex because it's a great way to stay warm.”

Plus, the holiday season is generally a celebratory one. There's a lot of good cheer making the rounds, so it's natural to start feeling a little amorous in between giant meals and indulgent parties. If you find yourself with some holiday friskiness, here are the positions you should try:

Modified Doggy
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How It Works: If you're into doggy style, then you can start in that and then fall to your elbows when you want a change. If not, start laying on your stomach and come up onto your elbows.

Why It's Festive: Because it's about as close as you can get, like you're all wrapped up in each other. Play with how far your legs are spread for varying levels of tightness — and enjoy the G-spot stimulation.

Coital Alignment Technique
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How It Works: It's similar to traditional missionary, but instead, your partner's hips should be higher up than normal. Wrap your legs around their hips to help pull them nice and close. It's intimate, but also really intense.

Why It's Festive: It gets your clit stimulated in all the right ways, so you'll be sure you're coming to town.

Doggy Style
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How It Works: On hands and knees, spread your legs so your partner can comfortably enter you from behind. Brace yourself with your arms, however high or low feels comfortable.

Why It's Festive: If you can do doggy, why not upgrade to reindeer style? It lets your partner get really deep — and you can play with your clit.

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How It Works: Lay in the spooning position with your hips slightly higher up on the bed than your partner's. Reach for the lube if you find it to be a tight fit, but lifting your top leg slightly can help.

Why It's Festive: Talk about staying warm. This position gives you G-spot stimulation while still feeling very intimate. Plus, it allows you to get down while watching your favorite holiday movie — or at least stay under the duvet.

X-Marks The Spot
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How It Works: Lay on the bed, table, or anything that allows you and your partner to line up. Rest your legs on their chest and cross them at your knees or ankles. It should feel like a tight fit, but you get to lay back and enjoy it.

Why It's Festive: Because it's X-mas, after all. Also, the view this position gives both of you is basically a gift itself.

Weak In The Knees
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How It Works: One of you lays down on the bed while the other straddles their head and lowers down — gently! You can switch who's in control of the pressure and, of course, switch who's on top.

Why It's Festive: Because the holidays are all about connecting, and this position is about as intimate as it gets. Feel free to incorporate a new toy for some extra buzz.

The Lotus
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How It Works: While your partner sits cross-legged, lower yourself into their lap. Use lube to get the position right, then wrap your legs and arms around them.

Why It's Festive: A hug. A holiday wreath. A warm cup of hot chocolate. This is position is all about comfort while giving you really deep penetration and a nice grinding motion for your clit. This position also offers give you that warm-and-fuzzy holiday feeling.

The holidays are here, so enjoy having as much sex as you can before you head home — or enjoy it silently in your parents' house after everyone else has gone to sleep. It's what the holidays are really about, right?