10 Sex-Positive Gifts For Your Valentine


Yes, Valentine's Day has a bad rap. Whether this distaste stems from the forced displays of affection it inspires or the sub-par chocolates so many clueless lovers give, there are plenty of reasons to disregard V-Day as a commercial holiday. That said, celebrating a sexual and intellectual connection can be a radical act, particularly if the folks celebrating identify outside the rich, heterosexual, cisgender, white male bracket. As we attempt to survive under an administration hell bent on limiting bodily autonomy and deciding who deserves full protection under the law, why not make Valentine's a day of love in the face of hate, or pleasure in the face of pain? (And I don't mean the kind of pain you ask for, obvs.)

In the spirit of perverting V-Day for our own devices, it's important to put our money where our mouths are, and support businesses that see eye to eye with our own individual lexicons of love — whatever that might mean to you. Whether you're shopping for a partner, a crush, a bestie, or a family member in need of l-u-v, let this sex-positive gift guide serve as divine sinspiration:


Vibrant Vibrator For A Good Cause

A fool proof way to give both pleasure and empowerment in one fell swoop: 100 percent of the profits from sex toy purveyor Vibrant are donated to Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. Whether it's a Jimmyjane Form 8 or a Lelo Duet, coming for a cause is easy this V-Day.

Delight Vibrator, $109, Vibrant


Unbound's Twiggy Birth Control Holder

An ideal feminist show of affection, Unbound is offering a 60's inspired celebration of reproductive freedom with this cute Twiggy birth control pill holder. Get one now while supplies (and our right to bodily autonomy) last!

Twiggy Birth Control Holder, $55, Unbound


Chocolate From Haute Chocolate Brooklyn

A far cry from drug store choco, feminist owned and run Haute Chocolate Brooklyn is a purveyor of "virtuous hedonism" in the form of mouthwatering organic, vegan treats.

Chocolate bar, $8, Haute Chocolate Brooklyn


Sex-Positive Swag From Jacq The Stripper

Advertise your supreme sex-positivity with pins, patches, tees, and zines by funny femme fatale and mistress of swag, Jacq The Stripper. If you don't have a queer bimbo in your life who would rep this pin, you aren't really livin'.

Queer Bimbo enamel pin, $10, Jacq The Stripper


L. Condoms

Gift safe sex designed by a team of SF women to your BFF or your beloved. With every glycerin and paraben free L. Condom you buy, one will be donated to a female entrepreneur in a developing country.

Ultra Thin L. condom, $7.95, L. Condoms


Kinky Crystal Sex Toys From Chakrubs

Explore your dark side and share it with someone you love by gifting a gorgeous crystal sex toy from Chakrubs' new fetish-inspired Shadow Line.

The Nunchaku, $625, Chakrubs


Hystagram Tee

Satanic feminists rejoice! Designed by artist Gretchen Heinel and printed by Bird Ov Prey, the "hystagram" tee depicts the uterus as the "Ultimate Adversary." All profits from sales go to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, too!

Hystagram shirt, $33, Bird Ov Prey


Zana Bayne Choker

Nasty women and the people who love them can wear their dissent with pride — and support Planned Parenthood in the process — thanks to mistress of leather Zana Bayne's new choker.

Nasty choker, $150, Zana Bayne


Lingerie from Chromat

Chromat's iconic architectural wear is designed for "strong, powerful women," need I say more?

Lunette Satin bra, $129, Chromat


A Donation To The ACLU

Who says V-Day has to be apolitical? If you and your paramour are in lust with protecting American civil liberties, you can donate as much or as little as you want to the ACLU in your babe's honor.

ACLU donation, $35-$200, ACLU

Happy Valentine's Day!