The Best Shower Caddy For College

Showering without hassle in a communal bathroom usually depends on how well you can organize and carry your items. When choosing the best shower caddy for college, you’ll want to consider the type of material it's made out of and its handling ability.

Shower caddies are commonly made from two types of material: mesh and plastic. Both are durable, handle water well, and dry quickly. Plastic caddies tend to be more rigid, which means they hold their shape better but usually need to be placed on the floor while you shower. On the other hand, mesh caddies are more adaptable and can typically be hung over a hook or shower head, but they can be a little harder to clean.

You’ll also want to choose a caddy that's designed to be carried with ease while keeping your items in place. Some caddies offer just one large section for storage, while others have many compartments and zippers. While the latter may offer more organization, open-centered caddies make for quick and easy access. Whichever design you choose to go with, you'll definitely want to find a caddy that has a sturdy handle, which all of my picks do.

Finding the best shower caddy should be the least of your worries in college, which is why I’ve searched through many different shower gadgets on Amazon to help you find the right ones. My list ranges from material and style, but all the products I've included are fast-drying and durable. Read on to find the best shower caddy for your college lifestyle.


The Overall Best Shower Caddy

What’s great about it: With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, this Attmu mesh shower caddy is made of strong and durable mesh material that won’t rust. The caddy’s long handle makes it easy to carry with you and hang on a hook. It has an ideal size, with eight compartments in the outer section and one large center section, to store everything you need — even a towel. Meant to last for years, it's fast-drying, lightweight, and compact. Also, the brand says it's safe to put it in the washing machine.

What fans say: “Full-time college student, this caddy has held up to a lot of wear and tear. The main compartment alone holds my many shampoos, conditioners, body washes, skin care, etc. The pockets on the side vary in size and each one can hold additional items, but the main part is so big I hardly ever use the side pockets.”


The Most Durable

What’s great about it: This InterDesign plastic shower tote is a great option for those who want a caddy with more structure. Designed with durable plastic that's made to last for years, this caddy is also super easy to clean and wipe off. Its holes allow for effective drainage so you won’t have to worry about waiting too long for it to dry. This rigid caddy may not be the easiest to hook, but you could hang it on a shower knob or stand it up on the floor. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have any dividers or organizers.

What fans say: “When this tote arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how thick and durable the plastic is. I thought, from the product photos, that it would be somewhat flimsy, but it's not at all. It is very sturdy. The purse-style handles stabilize it while being carried, so that items inside don't slide around. It's also the most attractive style I've seen in a long time.”


The Most Portable

What’s great about it: With its zip-around pockets, this Terra Home portable shower caddy can keep your shower essentials neat and organized when carrying them around. Easy to move and handle, it’s super sturdy, with many different compartments. Its zippers are high-quality and dependable, while its material is mildew-resistant and fast-drying. You won’t have to worry about shampoos and body washes leaking or spilling since the design keeps products securely in place. This caddy can sit upright on a flat surface or be zipped open and hung on a hook.

What fans say: “Really needed something to keep my shower stuff together, that was not going to retain moisture and then mold.... this is working beautifully"


The Best Suction Cup Caddy

What’s great about it: For those who are more comfortable with a suction cup caddy, this Yuma Active shower bag tote is a great option. With a 4.6-star rating, this is ideal for students who don’t want to worry about the hook in their bathroom (or the lack thereof). It’s lightweight, compact, and made with sturdy zippers. While this caddy is not fully waterproof, it is water-resistant, dries fast, and drains easily. It’s important to note that the suction cup only works on smooth, non-porous surfaces. However, you can also hang it using the attached drawstring or clip.

What fans say: “Got this for my grandson in college. He uses it to tote his toiletries to the shower, etc. It so far has held up well and does exactly what he needs it to do. Glad I got it for him.”

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