7 Epic Sex Positions To Try During The Solar Eclipse If You Couldn't Get Protective Glasses In Time

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With everybody freaking out about the 2017 solar eclipse, I really think we should be focusing on the important questions. Not "How do I see it?" or "How do I keep my eyeballs from exploding?". I mean, the real question is what it always is — how does this thing affect my sex life?

Because, basically, the solar eclipse is a huge event, so wouldn't you like to punctuate that with getting frisky? It's really a time to let go of the small stuff. "As a rule, eclipses motivate us towards change by 'eclipsing out' anything in our lives that is no longer working, like a relationship, job, etc," Mecca Woods, a New York City-based astrologer of, writes for Bustle. "Since this eclipse is joining forces with freedom-loving Uranus in Aries, we should look to this cosmic combo to help us with breaking free of the past in favor for a brighter future.

So it's all about letting things go. For some people, that's going to feel really exciting and leave them wanting to go buck-wild. For others, it can be a scary prospect— so they're going to want to feel safe and connected to other people. Luckily, there are sex positions that let you do both.

And that's why it's time to decide which sex position you're going to use to mark this momentous event. Whether the eclipse has you feeling jittery and need of a calm down or has you wanting to howl at the damn moon, there's a position for you. Here's what you should try.

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How To Do It: Lay in the famous cuddle position and get ready for some entry from behind to get the G-spot or just focus on hand play. Either way, it's intimate and intense.

Why It Works: If you find the eclipse has you a bit freaked out or feeling all over the place, this is a really grounding position — with clit and G-spot access, of course.

Sofa Brace
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How To Do It: Lean over the edge of your sofa and rest your chest and/or stomach on the arm. You can play around with different heights as your partner enters you from behind.

Why It Works: Another grounding position, this gives you a strong base if you feel like you want to go wild. Great for anyone who finds traditional doggy a bit too intense.

Woman On Top
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How To Do It: Straddle your partner and then slowly lower down as you guide them inside of you.

Why It Works: Because you may just want to welcome the eclipse with open damn arms — and the best way to do that is to climb on top.

In A Chair
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How To Do It: Let your partner sit down in a chair, then straddle them lower down. You have the option to face them for a more intimate position or to face away if you want things a little raunchier.

Why It Works: The eclipse is totally out of the ordinary, so mix up your sex life by moving it around a bit. You can do this position in practically any room of the house and it gives you intense penetration.

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How To Do It: When your partner sits cross-legged, sit in their lap and wrap your legs and arms around them. It may take a while (and a little lube) to get it the position right, but then you can just rock and enjoy the deep penetration.

Why It Works: Take the opportunity to really bond with your partner — the lotus position is pretty much as close as it gets.

The Splitter
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How To Do It: You can start from missionary or just with your partner kneeling. Then slowly lift one leg up onto their chest, extending it if you can, while they enter you. Make sure you listen to your flexibility!

Why It Works: It's different, it's sexy, and it allows you to get a really great look of each other. This position has a lot to offer.

Reverse Cowgirl
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How To Do It: Straddle your partner facing their feet and then just get to feeling yourself. You can go for clit play, bump, grind— whatever you feel like. Just make sure you're paying attention to how your partner's doing, because you can't see them.

Why It Works: Because it's a damn solar eclipse so you may as well go for it. This position channels your inner rockstar while being totally sexy and wild. If not now, then when?

Who knows how the solar eclipse may affect the world, but you can sure use it as an excuse to mix up your sex life. From grounding to totally out there, there's a sex position that will be a perfect fit.