The Best Standing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

The best part about sex positions is that there are so many positions from which to choose. If you're creative enough, you could probably go every day of the week, for a year, without repeating a new sex position. Of course some of the most daring sex positions might result in a sex-related injury or two, but when it's in the name of good sex and a proper orgasm, then who's going to complain?

One of the sex positions that has a variety of versions are the standing sex positions. Although many of them definitely require at least some sort of support, one of the big selling points about standing sex positions is that they can be done anywhere — and even without having to take off your clothes.

"Standing positions are usually for rear entry or bent over a couch or the edge of the bed," Sarah Watson, LPC and Sex Therapist, tells Bustle. "Most women feel a bit more supported when they are able to lean against something so the fear of falling over or being dropped is lessened."

Whether it's both your and your partner, or just one of you who's standing, here are seven standing sex positions you absolutely want to try.