7 Standing Sex Positions

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The best part about sex positions is that there are so many positions from which to choose. If you're creative enough, you could probably go every day of the week, for a year, without repeating a new sex position. Of course some of the most daring sex positions might result in a sex-related injury or two, but when it's in the name of good sex and a proper orgasm, then who's going to complain?

One of the sex positions that has a variety of versions are the standing sex positions. Although many of them definitely require at least some sort of support, one of the big selling points about standing sex positions is that they can be done anywhere — and even without having to take off your clothes.

"Standing positions are usually for rear entry or bent over a couch or the edge of the bed," Sarah Watson, LPC and Sex Therapist, tells Bustle. "Most women feel a bit more supported when they are able to lean against something so the fear of falling over or being dropped is lessened."

Whether it's both your and your partner, or just one of you who's standing, here are seven standing sex positions you absolutely want to try.

Three Legged Dog
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How to do it: With both you and your partner standing while facing each other, lift one of your legs so your partner can hold it. Next, and you may need to get on your toes for this one depending on the height difference, you want to get your pelvis at the same height as your partner so they can enter you.

Why you should try it: So, yes, it looks a little tricky, but if your partner, who has the advantage of having two feet on the ground, holds your leg tight, sort of pulling you in toward them, you'll feel pretty safe and stable. After you get to that point, you can enjoy the penetration part of the equation.

Standing Rear Entry
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How to do it: While standing in front of your partner, with you both facing the same direction, bend over. From here, you can use the floor (if you can reach) or your knees for support. Then, once you're comfortable, have your partner enter you from behind. This position could actually work quite well for a standing anal sex position. Just don't forget the lube!

Why you should try it: Because you're really bent over in this position, it has a sort of animalistic excitement about it. This is most especially the case when your partner grabs your hips and pulls themselves even deeper into you.

X Marks The Spot
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How to do it: While laying on a flat surface with your legs up and in an X formation, have your partner, who's standing, enter you. For deeper penetration, you can wrap your hands around your partner's hips and pull them into you.

Why you should try it: Because your legs are crossed, this position is great for a tighter sensation. If your partner has a small penis, this is a position you want to try, as it will make things even more enjoyable.

Standing Over The Edge Of The Bed
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How to do it: With your partner standing behind you, bend over the edge of the bed and have them penetrate you from there. If you want to give this position a bit of domination, then ask your partner to hold your hands behind your back or, if the mood strikes, even bind your hands behind your back with handcuffs or anything that ties.

Why you should try it: As far as sex positions where both partners are standing go, this is the most stable thanks to the bed. So if the other sex positions we've covered so far make you nervous, this might be a good choice as a sort of beginner sex position option.

The Butterfly
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How to do it: While you're laying flat on the bed, toward the edge, have your partner, who's standing, lift your hips to meet the height of their hips. As your partner penetrates you in this position, you can rest your legs on their shoulders, so not all the pressure is put on your upper back.

Why you should try it: If you're feeling lazy, but your partner isn't, then this an awesome option. Although your exerting some effort by applying pressure to your upper back and your partner's shoulders, it really is your partner who's doing all the work.

Standing Doggy
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How to do it: As you're facing the wall (and using it for support), have your partner, who's facing in the same direction, penetration you from behind.

Why you should try it: Similar to having standing sex over the edge of a bed, this standing position isn't as intimidating as the others. It's the wall that makes all the difference, so you really want to incorporate it and make it your complete support system.

Standing 69
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How to do it: With your partner standing, have them lift you, flip you upside down, so you're both performing oral sex on each other in the standing position.

Why you should try it (maybe): This is a tricky one, so be careful if you decide to give it a go. If both you and your partner are super experts with incredible balance abilities, I do think it's worth trying. For example, I suggest putting a pillow on the floor in case you get accidentally dropped on your head.

So there you go! Standing sex positions that are bound to spice up your sex life. Just, please, be careful. Taking risks is definitely fun, but a major injury that could last for weeks or months, is not.