Here's The Best Summer Cocktail For Your Personality, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

London Bakes

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer (officially, it's June 21), and most of us are now in a summer state of mind. I'm talking unicorn pool floats, sunburns in strange places, and the best cocktails of the season. If you're feeling extra thirsty and want to zero in on the best alcoholic drink for you, you've come to the right place to find the best summer cocktail for your zodiac sign.

It's only natural to want to stay extra hydrated in the warmer months, and water alone can be such a snooze fest. Yeah, we know, about 60 percent of the human body is water, blah blah blah. What scientists fail to mention is that leaves a little extra wiggle room for alcohol. Give us fruity drinks with a little umbrella and a twirly straw, darn it. If downing a sex on the beach makes me basic AF, I don't want to be unique.

Whether school is out for the summer or you're a nine-to-fiver looking to live it up on the weekends, if imbibing something a little more adult-oriented is on your to-do list, you can't go wrong with these summer cocktails. And remember, if they contain fruit, they're healthy. That's the rule.


When Aquarius drinks, they want something fancy and extravagant. The raspberry açaí Prosecco cocktail from Willow Bird Baking is just what the doctor ordered. You're not entirely sure how to pronounce "açaí," but it sounds super #extra, so who cares?


There's no better way for Pisces to end a long day than with a generous glass of red wine. Spice things up with this red wine gin sour from Hummingbird High. It's so pretty, it doesn't even really matter what it tastes like.


If you're an Aries, we know you prefer comfort over pizzazz. Brown Eyed Baker's strawberry Pimm's cup will really hit the spot. I'm just guessing it's the 7 Up. (Yes! 7 Up!)


Taurus is ever so practical, and there's no cocktail more practical than the margarita. These balsamic-roasted strawberry margaritas from London Bakes will leave your tastebuds dancing.


Gemini gets bored too easily, so they need something special to keep their attention. This honey Tennessee mule from Bake Love Give will keep them satiated all night.


Cancer wants something flavorful, fruity, fun to drink — something they can really enjoy with their friends, since they're the social butterfly of the zodiac. Try the POG punch Hawaiian cocktail from A Spicy Perspective. Just be careful — the alcohol really sneaks up on ya.


Leo has such a special spot in their heart for the holidays. The hot pumpkin pie cocktail from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen will give you all the holiday feels.


Even when it comes to summertime dranks, Virgo remains healthy as ever. They'll love these pineapple whiskey sours from Baked By Rachel. Remember what I said about cocktails with fruit? Here you go.


Libra wants something that packs a wild punch but isn't too showy. The pineapple upside down cake cocktail from My Baking Addiction looks innocent but it's anything but.


Subtlety is not the name of the game for Scorpio. When they go out, they go all out. Only the rosemary greyhound cocktail from A Farmgirl's Dabbles will get the job done.


Sagittarius is generous to a fault, and they'll want something they can share with their friends. This tropical mango mimosa from Averie Cooks will give them life.


Being responsible and disciplined are what Capricorn is all about, which is why they're the only sign of the zodiac that can handle the tree house cocktail from Brave Tart. Drink with care.