13 Workwear Looks That You Won't Believe Come From Your Local Supermarket

by Lauren Sharkey
Asda, Next

So you've survived working in one of the most powerful heatwaves the UK has ever seen. Figuring out what to wear in that weather was hard enough. But now things are cool one minute and hot the next, it's an even trickier scenario — especially when it comes to workwear. But one store that you may have been sleeping on is your local supermarket. Not only does it offer basic wardrobe essentials, but it also gives you so many weird weather options. So here's a rundown of the best supermarket fashion to wear to work.

The last thing you want on a cloudy yet humid day is a tight, heavy outfit. Instead, you need loose and lightweight options that will still keep you warm when the inevitable rain hits. In Tesco, Asda, or Sainsbury's, you'll find cool shirt dresses, fun yet office-appropriate prints, and culottes galore. And when you need to head to that all-important meeting, there's even a blazer or two to whip on over your smart casual look.

Of course, none of the following items cost the earth. In fact, you should be able to buy a few outfits and still have change to spare. Here's a few pieces to get your started.


Surprised? Well, there's plenty more in store.