The Best Walmart Cyber Monday Deals Are Up To $220 Off & Will Go Fast

This five-piece luggage set is one of the many Cyber Monday deals available at Walmart this year.
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A number of Black Friday deals might already be sold out, but there are still plenty of awesome discounts coming up next week. In fact, some of the best Walmart Cyber Monday deals could save you hundreds of dollars on important products like laptops and home cleaning accessories. Even better, you can take advantage of these deals without ever leaving your house.

That's the best part about Cyber Monday, after all: it doesn't require you to battle rabid crowds before the sun goes up, or to brave potentially frigid temperatures, just to snag that one television or laptop you've had your eye on for months. Even more excitingly, on Cyber Monday it doesn't matter if you don't physically live near a Walmart, the way it might matter for Black Friday. And this year, the Walmart Cyber Monday deals are so good you might want to set an alarm on your phone, just so you don't forget to log on.

It's worth remembering that Cyber Monday deals can still sell out, too. So if you've been waiting for months to find an affordable smart LED TV, you might want to jump on this sale before it's gone. Here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals from Walmart this year:

$198.01 Off A 55" VIZIO Smart LED TV

If you've been waiting for the opportunity to upgrade your television and binge-streaming experience, now's the time. When a deal is this good, it almost seems like it isn't a decision at all. You can grab this 55" smart LED TV for $279.99, which is $198 less than the usual price.

$150 Off A Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

It's always a good day for a laptop upgrade, but it's an especially good day when the laptop in question is on sale. The full price for this 15.6" Lenovo laptop is $449, but it will be available on Cyber Monday for $299.

$39.01 Off A Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer

The holiday season is filled with so many opportunities to cook fun recipes, why not upgrade your kitchen with some fun appliances? This air fryer is the ultimate home cooking accessory, and you can get it on Cyber Monday for $69.99.

$219.01 Off A Robot Vacuum

The ultimate gift to yourself this winter is a vacuum that does the cleaning for you. This robot vacuum is usually $449, but you'll be able to get it for only $229 on Cyber Monday.

$37.99 Off A 5-Piece Luggage Set

The ultimate marker of adulthood is a full luggage set — or at least, having one can make you feel a little bit more like an adult than you do right now. This deal for a five-piece luggage set, including a carry-on and checked bag, is a no-brainer. You can grab the entire set for $62 on Cyber Monday.

$89.01 Off A Lenovo Ideapad

$40.99 Off Hard-Sided Luggage & Travel Case

For those who need some travel accessory upgrades, but doesn't want a whole five-piece set, this deal is for you. You can get this hard shell suitcase and travel case for only $39 on Cyber Monday, which means $40 in savings.

$324.12 Off 1/4 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

Jewelry lovers will revel in this Cyber Monday deal. This pair of 1/4 carat diamond stud earrings usually retails for $399, but you can get it online for $74.88 on Cyber Monday. You can also get the same product with larger diamond sizes, as well. You can get 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings for $179.99, and full carat diamond earrings for $449.99.

$20 Off A Plush Robe

The holiday season is all about treating yourself, and when treating yourself is this inexpensive, it becomes very easy to self-pamper. This Cyber Monday, you can get this plush body robe from Walmart for less than $10 online.

Of course, Walmart might offer more Cyber Monday deals on the day itself. So if you're looking to take advantage of the day's discounts as much as possible, you should keep an eye on Walmart's social media accounts and website. You can also check out some other Cyber Monday deals from Target, too.

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