People Are Tweeting What Sexy Means To Them & It Proves There's No Single Definition

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. What gets you hot and bothered is probably nothing like what makes your 50-something boss weak in the knees — and that's definitely a good thing. Celebrating the incredibly varied spectrum of sexiness out there, #WhatSexyIsToMe is the latest trending hashtag that has Twitter users opening up about all the people, places, and things that turn them on.

Mainstream definitions of "sexy" are endlessly frustrating. From movie stars to Instagram tastemakers, icons of sex appeal usually embody impossible-to-attain physical (and behavioral) standards, and often subtly (and not-so-subtly) propagate racist and cissexist ideologies, too. That said, there are now more diverse representations of sexy than ever before, thanks to queer, body positive, and sex-positive communities that make it their business to amplify images reflecting all the different kinds of desirable folks in the world. (And there are a lot of them.)

For every attribute you've been told to hide because it isn't sexy, there are countless people who will find it overwhelmingly sexy. Here are some of the things Twitter users find incredibly sexy, from certain looks to intriguing personality traits.

1. Sexy Looks

2. Sexy Hobbies

3. Sexy Personality Traits

4. Sexy Behavior

5. Sexy Accomplishments

As you can see, #WhatSexyIsToMe reminds us that there's no single definition of what it means to be attractive — and that's a great thing.