This 'Big Brother' Schedule Will Keep You On Top Of The Game

Sonja Flemming/CBS

You're not likely to meet any reality TV fans more dedicated and loyal than Big Brother. A lot of that can be attributed to just how much Big Brother there is. The show airs a whopping three times a week, and online live feeds airing 24/7 essentially giving fans an entire summer's worth of content to watch and dig through. It can seem pretty daunting, but the show makes it as easy as possible for fans to follow along from week to week. This Big Brother 19 schedule will help you make sense of the reality show's dense viewing schedule.

The show's live-feeds, available online, begin on Thursday June 29, immediately after the conclusion of the show's two-night premiere. They'll be following two different scenes in the house running almost constantly — but the best material from those are boiled down for the three broadcast episodes. Each episode focuses on one major weekly event in the house. Each week is structured the same so that you always know what to expect going in — but then again, Big Brother does constantly warn viewers and houseguests alike to expect the unexpected. Here's what to look forward to on any given week of Big Brother.

Sunday – Head Of Household / Nomination Ceremony

Sunday episodes show the latest Head of Household coming into power and the houseguests trying to make their plans for the coming week. This includes determining who they want to go home, and who they want to nominate to try and make that happen. Every Sunday episode of Big Brother ends with the the Head of Household nominating two houseguests for eviction.

Wednesday – POV Competition / POV Ceremony

The Wednesday episode follows the nominees fighting to keep themselves from getting evicted and trying to ruin the plans of the Head of Household. This is done either by trying to talk the HoH out of their plans, or by winning the Power of Veto. At the end of the episode, whoever has won the Power of Veto gets the opportunity to change the HoH's nominees and force the HoH to nominate someone new.

Thursday – Eviction

The Thursday episode brings the Big Brother week to an end, as someone is evicted from the Big Brother house. The episode picks up right where Wednesday leaves off, getting viewers up to speed on how the nominees have attempted to fight for their place in the house. By the end of the episode, someone has been evicted and a new head of household competition begins.

This same pattern continues week after week until there's only a two houseguests left, at which point a jury of their fellow houseguests determines who they believe to be most deserving of the $500,000 grand prize. Along the way the show peppers in surprises, mysterious guests, and competitions for additional luxuries. It's a summer full of unexpected happenings and high-stress situations, but by tuning in every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday (or catching up on CBS.com or the CBS app the morning after), you'll be more than able to keep up on one of the biggest reality competitions of the summer.