This Photo Of The 'Big Little Lies' Cast Supporting Shailene Woodley's New Movie Is Goals

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It's been over a year since Big Little Lies premiered, but the show's stars are still super close friends. On Saturday, June 2, the women of the Big Little Lies cast showed up for Shailene Woodley's new movie Adrift. In an Instagram post, Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, and Zoë Kravitz posted a photo posing with Woodley, and holding up their movie ticket stubs. Even though Nicole Kidman couldn't make the outing, the cast made sure to support Woodley in a big way.

Adrift premiered on June 1, and follows the real story of a couple stranded at sea after sailing into a devastating hurricane. All four of the Big Little Lies stars who saw the film in theaters and shared the picture to Instagram, posted their own supportive message. Witherspoon also shared a video of the four friends preparing to see the film together in her Instagram story. "We went to the movies to see Adrift," she wrote in her story. "This movie is 100, Shailene Woodley will blow you away (We all cheered and cried!)"

Witherspoon also posted a video of the four stars standing outside the theater after seeing their friend star in the film. "So good," Kravitz told the camera. "You gotta see it, she's amazing," Witherspoon said, pointing to Woodley. While the other stars didn't record their reaction to the film, they did each have a special message for Woodley in the caption of the group photo. "Saw the unbelievable true story, ADRIFT, with amazing Shai. Wow. Go," Dern wrote in the caption for the picture.

On Instagram, Kravitz wrote:

"EVERYONE ! Runnnnnnn, don’t walk to see Adrift! What an inspiring, badass, beautiful, CRAZY and TRUE story about the power of the human spirit. With stunning performances by Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin. So proud of you girl. THANK YOU FOR TELLING THIS STORY."

In addition to her video from the group trip, Witherspoon included a message in her caption as well:

"What a night at the movies ! Blew me away!! Seeing this incredible true story, I was on the edge of my seat, cheering on Shailene Woodley & Sam Claflin who are stuck adrift on a sailboat in the Pacific Ocean. Shailene is outstanding in a rare performance of woman vs. nature that is not to be missed. You must see this movie!"

The five women in the Big Little Lies cast became fast friends on the set of the show's first season. A few of the stars had appeared on screen together before the series; Dern and Witherspoon starred as mother and daughter in Wild, while Kravitz and Woodley were both in Divergent. This project brought the five actors together on a deeper level, however, especially with Kidman and Witherspoon signed on to the project as executive producers. In interviews and on social media, the stars have often expressed the bond that formed while working on the powerful show.

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When asked about working on the series, both Kravitz and Woodley discussed their great appreciation for Dern, Kidman, and Witherspoon. In an interview with the LA Times, Kravitz talked about the collaborative spirit of the show under Kidman and Witherspoon's direction. "They are the big dogs on the set, and I look up to both of them, and Laura as well, so having them ask 'What do you think?' meant a lot to me, and I learned through that," Kravitz said. "It was a really beautiful experience."

In a sit-down interview with Good Morning America, Woodley also had positive things to say about working with the executive-producers. "It was amazing," she said. "Nicole and Reese have been in this industry for so long and they actually genuinely still love acting and still love what they do to the point where they're producing their own content and creating their own projects." When the actors won numerous awards for their roles, they were always sure to thank the other women working on the show in their speeches.

The meaningful connection between the actors clearly goes beyond the set of Big Little Lies, and these friendships feel like they could last a lifetime. The five actors will continue to work together for now too, as the second season of Big Little Lies has already begun filming. The series isn't expected to premiere before 2019, but this cast is sure to continue to appear together as they support each other's projects in the meantime.