The Biggest Obstacle You’re Likely To Face In Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ashley Batz/Bustle

When it comes to love and relationships, it's never going to be perfect. No matter what your relationship status, love life obstacles are inevitable. But with a little help from astrology, you can find out what the biggest challenge in your love life will be so you can have the type of relationship you actually want.

"It’s easy generalize and draw neat little boxes to fit each Sun sign (your birthday) in an attempt to define how they each act in love," astrologer Nina Palmer, tells Bustle. "But the reality is that all the planets in our chart are in a sign and each planet can play a role in our love life depending on characteristics of the sign and the energy flowing between them."

In other words, astrology is more than just being a Scorpio, a Taurus or a Pisces. There are so many other aspects of yourself that can create obstacles in your love life.

For instance, Venus is commonly considered the most significant planet associated with love. According to Palmer, it represents how we attract love and beauty in our lives. If you ever get your birth chart read, an astrologer will take a look at your Venus sign and give you some information on things like what you really need in a partner to be fulfilled in your relationship. You can easily find your Venus sign online using a natal chart calculator, if that's something you're interested in.

While it's important to understand that there's more than just your Sun sign, it doesn't mean you still can't gain some useful insight from it. So here are the biggest obstacles you're likely to face in your love life, based on your zodiac sign.