This Is The Bonkers Netflix Christmas Movie You Missed While Obsessing Over 'A Christmas Prince'


If you listen to the internet, then you might be under the impression that there's only one Netflix Christmas movie to watch this year: A Christmas Prince. But there's actually a bonkers Netflix Christmas movie you missed while obsessing over the 2017 rom-com, and it deserves your absolute and total attention. The Spirit of Christmas, currently available to stream on Netflix, is the holiday love story you never knew you needed. And while it may not have royal balls, made-up kingdoms, or giant acorn ornaments that act as oddly pivotal plot twists, it has one thing A Christmas Prince doesn't: a ghost.

The Spirit of Christmas is about Kate, a career woman eyeing a promotion at her law firm. There's only one thing standing in her way: the old Hollygrove Inn somewhere in the Northeast that her firm needs to sell by the end of the year. Kate, a workaholic who, naturally, always works through Christmas, is sent to the inn to meet an appraiser in person because, and — this is true — the inn is haunted. Case in point: As she arrives, an appraiser is seen running out of the inn in terror and driving away. Unafraid of a little ghost story, Kate decides to stay at the inn as she waits for another appraiser to come. And that's when she meets him, Daniel. It turns out that the inn is haunted by an old ghost who died mysteriously in 1920. Every year since his death, for 12 days leading up to Christmas, Daniel's ghost returns to the inn where he scares off customers and sulks his days away reading A Christmas Carol. Intrigued? I thought so.

Desperate to sell the inn and get her promotion, Kate comes up with a plan: figure out why Daniel has been "cursed" to return for 12 days each Christmas, hopefully getting him to move on from the land of the living, and thus allowing her to sell the inn in peace. Needless to say, things don't go quite as planned, and before Kate knows it, she's falling in love with Daniel. Yes, Kate, whose greatest shame is that she's never truly been in love, falls for the ghost.

Now, least you get ahead of yourself, there is no ghost sex, but there is plenty of ghost sexual tension, which makes The Spirit of Christmas a must-see Christmas event. These are just the most ridiculously amazing details that make The Spirit of Christmas the Netflix Christmas movie you need in your life.

A Henry Cavill Look-Alike


No, Cavill does not play Daniel, the dashing ghost, but Thomas Beaudoin does, and he looks an awful lot like the British actor. If you close your eyes when Daniel speaks, he sounds exactly like Cavill's Clark Kent. And he's certainly just as easy on the eyes.

Inappropriate Time-Bending Wardrobe


One particularly quirky detail in The Spirit of Christmas is how in the flashbacks to 1920, Daniel's cousin Harry (above right) is wearing what looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda's favorite sweater. In other words, not exactly 1920s attire.

A Shirtless Ghost...


There is a scene where Kate walks in on Daniel ironing his shirt. (Because what ghost doesn't love doing household chores?) It's gratuitous and ridiculous and super sexy all at the same time. It's by no means an R-rated scene, but it does help create a significantly hotter chemistry between Kate and Daniel than your average Christmas movie couple.

... With A Body You Can Touch


It's established early on in the film that Daniel isn't just a spirit or some kind of mirage. When he returns for the 12 Days of Christmas, it's in flesh and blood. The potential for ghost sex, or at least a heated make out session, abounds.

There are plenty of other delightful details that make The Spirit of Christmas the Christmas movie to watch, but they're just too good to spoil here. So, do yourself a favor, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and press play. You won't regret it.