The 'Boomerang' TV Show Soundtrack So Far Includes All Your '90s Faves & Some New Underrated Hits

Courtesy of BET

BET’s latest dramedy Boomerang has already captured the hearts of fans. The show’s cast and storyline are brand-new, but there are also frequent homages to its source material. This balance between old-school and modern has a major influence on the Boomerang TV show soundtrack, which is a perfect mix of instantly recognizable 90’s classics and today’s underrated hits.

The Boomerang movie soundtrack is itself a classic with contributions by 90’s hit-makers including Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Babyface, A Tribe Called Quest, and Johnny Gill, among others. So, the series had to come out the gate swinging with a compilation of tunes worthy of fire emojis, “that’s my SONG!” tweets, and Shazam inquiries to find the origins of an unfamiliar tune. Executive producer Lena Waithe was intentional about every aspect of Boomerang, so there’s no surprise that the song selection plays perfectly into these character’s lives, thoughts, and personalities. Each hit blends seamlessly into the background to enhance interactions or stir up certain emotional responses for viewers.

So, here are some of the 90’s tunes and current tracks that Boomerang has blessed us with so far: