Attention ’90s Kids: ‘Clueless’ Is Getting A Mobile Game & It Will Have You Totally Buggin’

Paramount Pictures

Over 20 years after you officially made Cher Horowitz your '90s style icon, she’s making a comeback. A Clueless mobile game launched on August 16, and, in it, players can fulfill their lifelong dream of become BFFs with Cher, Dionne, and Tai.

Created by Episode Interactive and Paramount Pictures, the game is titled Clueless: School’s Out, and it picks up right where the classic 1995 film left off. Cher and the gang have just finished their sophomore year of high school and their summer plans are nothing short of fabulous. Cher and Amber have landed their dream internship with a fashion designer from L.A., and, while all of that is happening, the player has the opportunity to make their own decisions and create their own story that’ll ultimately lead them to becoming a member of the film’s iconic crew.

Not many details have been given about the game, but hopefully there will be more to explore in terms of Cher’s love life — ahem, her relationship with Josh — and what’s on the horizon for Tai and Dionne. But if mobile games aren't your cup of tea, this is far from the only way to keep engaging with the classic film. It's only the latest way.


In March, it was announced that Clueless was being turned into a comic book by Boom! comics. Clueless: Senior Year officially launched earlier in August and follows Cher, Dionne, and Tai as they journey through their senior year and prepare for life as college freshmen. Basically, between the TV show, the comic book, this mobile game, and the original film, fans aren't shy of options when they're in the mood to go back to high school and elaborate '90s fashion.

If you’re ready to roll with the homies, Clueless: School’s Out! Is available to download on the Episode app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.