Beyoncé's Pregnancy Has Inspired Some Crazy Rumors

by Nicole Pomarico
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Where there's Beyoncé, there are pregnancy rumors... even when she's not actually expecting. And when she is expecting, those rumors get even worse, and that's exactly what's been happening even since she announced she's expecting twins later this year. Maybe it's because she keeps so much of her personal life private, or maybe it's because she's already so legendary that she's automatically the topic of conversation, but there are so many crazy rumors about Beyoncé's pregnancy with twins. And while some of them seem like they could kinda, sorta be true, others are just completely ridiculous.

By now, The Queen is probably used to it — I mean, remember all those incorrect conspiracy theories that stated she was never actually pregnant with Blue Ivy and used a surrogate instead? But the rumor mill has never worked so hard as it has during this particular pregnancy. I know, I know. It's hard to believe that the universe is going to bless us with twins borne of Queen Bey, but this is real, and everyone needs to accept it.

Here are some of the craziest rumors that have surfaced since Beyoncé announced her pregnancy. Hopefully, once the twins are born, these will all be put to rest.

She's Already Secretly Given Birth

As Beyoncé's due date gets closer and closer, the rumor mill seems convinced that there's a chance she's already given birth... without filling the rest of us in. After she posted a photo of herself on Instagram where it looked like her bump no longer existed, rumors began circulating that she wasn't pregnant anymore. Of course, certain clothing (especially loose fitting tops with a pattern like the one she's wearing in the pic) can make your body look different, and it seems like that's all this was — especially since she's posted plenty of bump photos since.

Solange & Jay Z Are At War Over The Twins

After the 2014 Met Gala incident, it seems like every few months, a rumor involving Solange and Jay Z crops up, and apparently, Bey's pregnancy is the perfect opportunity for a new one. According to Radar Online, they're reportedly "at each other's throats" about what should happen when the babies are born — they both allegedly want to be in the delivery room and don't think the other one should be in there.

She's Giving The Babies A Super Elaborate Set Up

Sounds like when the twins arrive, they'll be living in the lap of luxury! According to what a source who claims to be close to the couple told Life & Style, Beyoncé reportedly spent $500,000 on their room, complete with a movie theater and a room for a nanny... and a custom walk in closet, filled with the latest in baby fashion. Oof.

I don't doubt that Beyoncé's twins will have a super sweet nursery, but there's no way of knowing if these details are accurate or not — and knowing how private she keeps her life with her children, it'd be surprising if her real plans actually leaked.

She's Giving Out Secret Hints About Her Baby On Instagram

Despite the fact that Beyoncé has shared little to no information about her babies, aside from the fact that they will be born sometime soon and are twins, some people are determined she's actually been filling her followers in a bit more than they realize. There are fans who are convinced Beyoncé is sharing hints about her babies via her Instagram posts, insisting the prevalence of flowers in her pregnancy photo means something important.

I'm not sure how plausible this one is, but it'd be really cool if it was real. If her twins are a boy and a girl and they're named after flowers, we'll know this rumor was true.

Kim Kardashian Is Pissed About It

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Because why wouldn't she be? Cue eyeroll. According to Radar Online, Kardashian is reportedly mad Beyoncé didn't tell her she was pregnant before she informed the rest of the world, even though their husbands, Jay Z and Kanye West, are close friends. Oh, and if that's not enough drama for you, Kardashian is also allegedly upset that Beyoncé will now have more kids than she does. Who comes up with this stuff?

Regardless of the validity of these rumors, there's one fact no one can deny: Beyoncé's babies are already a big deal, and they haven't even entered the world yet. I can't wait until the first photos of them surface... whether they include more "hints" or not. There's no way they won't be just as beautiful as Blue Ivy.