Twitter Agrees That The 'Bachelor' Dads Were The BEST Part Of Hometown Dates

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Josh Vertucci; BarstoolFran/Twitter

For weeks, Colton Underwood and his Bachelor contestants have been traveling around the world together. But during hometown dates, their relationships became a lot more real, since families got involved. This experience provided viewers with some new standout characters: the fathers. Yup, the dads on The Bachelor were fans' favorite part of hometowns. Their daughters all wanted those roses from Colton, but what did the dads think? For the most part, they were not so sure.

Maybe they just haven't seen this show before. It's also possible that they just didn't think their daughter would get to this point in the "journey." The dads probably thought their kids would just go away for a couple weeks, score some Instagram followers, and peacefully post discount codes for detox teas without getting engaged to someone whose phone number they didn't even have.

And then there was Colton, asking all four dads about marrying their daughters. Of course, he pretty much had to do that. This is how the show works, but are you truly asking one person for a blessing if you're asking three others for the same exact thing? It's debatable.

Even so, Colton navigated the hometown dates as best as he could, even with the reasonable doubts from the women's dads and other family members. No one can blame the dads for being skeptical. Nevertheless, they managed to bring the most endearing moments to the episode. It was a dad takeover on Bachelor Twitter on Monday night.


Caelynn's Stepdad Pushed For Her To Get Friend-Zoned

Caelynn talked about her desire for a rose and an engagement at the end of this, but her stepdad had different plans in mind. He suggested that they just become friends instead. Considering that she didn't get a rose, it does seem like friendship will be in the cards.


Caeylnn & Her Stepdad Shared Some Sweet Moments

When Caelynn complimented her stepfather on being such a great father figure, Bachelor Twitter couldn't help getting emotional over that moment.


Caelynn & John's Moments Were Heartwarming

The stepdad/stepdaughter connection was just too sweet. If you shed a tear during their conversation, you're not the only one.


Colton Is "A Guy"

Cassie's dad is not wrong. Colton is a guy. And with that one line, Matt Randolph stole the show.


Hannah's Dad Dropped The Beat

Hannah's dad was there for her when she really needed it, even if it was to drop a beat.


Cassie's Dad Kept It Real

There is no need to rush a relationship. Then again, this is The Bachelor. After all, the premise of this show centers around speeding through relationship milestones.


Jumping Out Of A Plane *Might* Be Easier Than Meeting Tayshia's Dad

Tayshia had Colton, who's afraid of heights, jump out of an airplane before meeting her family. Did she just want to scare him as much as she could so he wouldn't feel as intimidated meeting her dad?


Tayshia's Dad Dropped Major Truth Bombs

It's probably not the best strategy to "microwave" a relationship. But then again, this is The Bachelor. The fast pace is expected.


Cassie's Dad Was Skeptical

Cassie's dad was very protective of his daughter, which is completely understandable. And it made for some comical TV.


Tayshia's Dad Asked Important Questions

Colton was damned if he did and he was damned if he didn't. If he didn't ask for a pre-proposal blessing, that would upset some people. But, asking four fathers to marry their daughters makes for a pretty complicated situation.

This was the hardest week yet for Colton. He got a glimpse at what life would be like if he joined any of these families. Did he meet his future father-in-law? Only time will tell.