The "Beauty & The Beast" Music Video Is Gorgeous


Just when you thought you'd gotten as excited about every aspect of Beauty and the Beast as you possibly could, something new has happened. The dancers in John Legend and Ariana Grande's new music video are the biggest highlight of an already amazing three-minute show in my eyes, and I have no idea how I did without them until now. I was living a perfectly normal life, and now I'm burning with need to know what dance company they represent after they basically stole the show right out from under its supposed stars. Bustle has reached out to video director Dave Meyers for confirmation, but did not receive an immediate response.

It's especially impressive when you consider that this isn't just Grande and Legend that we're talking about; Emma Watson and Dan Stevens also appear in the music video as their characters Belle and Beast. And yet my eye was still drawn to the anthropomorphic roses swirling gracefully in the background. These talented performers are more than holding their own against some serious heavy-hitters, so I want to know more.

The video premiered during Harry Potter weekend on Freeform and made its way to the internet on Monday, meaning that the information out in the world about it so far is a bit limited. Director Meyers has helmed some pretty high profile projects in the past, like "Work It" by Missy Elliot and Katy Perry's "Firework," so it makes sense that he would have access to top-tier talent. And top-tier talent is exactly what these scarlet-clad ladies are.

Take a look at the video below, and watch how they throw themselves into the piece's choreography and really bring to life the emotions inherent in the song.

The size of the group of dancers and their elaborate movements are the perfect juxtaposition to the small, intimate moments between Ariana Grande and John Legend, which are mirrored by those between Belle and Beast. The dancers highlight the action without overwhelming it, really sealing the deal on what I feel is an all around great music video.

And, of course, they make me more excited than ever to see the completed project that is Beauty and the Beast in theaters Mar. 17.